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11725RE: [S-R] 1600-1700s Hung Census

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  • Bill Tarkulich
    Mar 3, 2005
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      Thank you Jan! - If you don't mind, I'll post your remarks on the web page.
      We'll go back someday and edit it, after everyone's initial investigations
      settle down.

      Bill Tarkulich

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      Hi Bill........

      Before I even get started I have to say I got a good laugh out of your
      statement to me about searching for the village "Jobahaza". You gave me
      some examples and then you said, "if you are really desperate" ........well,
      I have to say that I thought everybody who searches in this part of Eastern
      Europe stays in "a desperate state".........at least, I

      You mentioned that if any of us decided to click on one of the specialized
      menus instead of a global search in the 1715 or other census we were to pass
      on our info. So here is mine!

      Well, I attempted one and so will share with the list. On the left side on
      the drop down menu of the opening page, I selected "on Az 1715-osszeiras".
      I went to a page with a large blank space on a green field. Here is how I
      have deciphered the fields/spaces.

      1. Bárhol az adatbázisban = means "Anywhere in the database" 2. Helység =
      means "place or locality" 3. Lipszky-féle helységnév = means "_____ toward
      locality". I wasn't able to translate "Lipszky" 4. 1913-as helységnév =
      means "1913-as to place/locality" 5. 1913-as megyebeosztás = means "1913 as
      county arrangement/apportionment" 6. Mai hivatalos helységnév = means
      "today's official place" 7. Vásárhely = means "market/fair place" 8.
      Adózók - means "impose taxes/rates"

      Kifejezések kapcsolata a mezõn belül: means and this is a guess of sorts:
      "Expression/word that have relation with the fields". I have to spoof
      myself here because at first I thought it meant meadows.......smile......but
      I believe it means "as fields in a computer space".

      a mezõk között: means "fields inbetween"

      The three choices are: "es" which means "and" ~ "vagy" which means "or" ~
      "nem" means "no/not".

      Now, if you click on the arrows which are placed at the end of each field,
      the right side of the screen has long........long.........long lists which
      are slow to go through. There is a long list of numbers in different
      digits.......then it starts with "a" and seems to be a variety of
      words....names of people...nouns....even some verbs. It is a cumbersome
      list. I have never made it through the entire list. Oh, and of course, all
      of this is at the website: www.arcanum.hu/mol.

      And the word at the end: "Kereses" means "Look"........

      I would definitely not call this a tutorial.........just a "naive guide" to
      what may be in this page. So hopefully, someone a lot smarter than me will
      take this to a higher level. Again, thanks to this list which is always
      friendly and helpful.


      Bill Tarkulich <bill.tarkulich@...> wrote:
      Great news! Several 17th and 18th Century Magyar Census images and/or
      transcriptions are now available online.
      • The 1715 Census is now available online at no fee via Arcanum - These are
      actual scans of all the individual pages and transcriptions of the original
      census document. The transcriptions are computer-searchable. Thanks to
      Peter Nagy for the "heads up." This may be a limited time offer! • 1623,
      1631, 1691 Ubarial Census transcriptions are also online available
      at no fee via Arcanum. These are transcriptions ONLY. The transcriptions
      are computer-searchable. This may be also be a limited time offer!

      I would very much like to hear how they work for you. Happy Hunting!

      Bill Tarkulich

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