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11723Re: [S-R] 1600-1700s Hung Census

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  • Peter Nagy
    Mar 3, 2005
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      I am fluent in Hungarian and I intend to draft a tutorial, but this week
      I am very busy. You and Bill Tarkulich have done a good start. Only few
      The Lipszky is a reference to Lipszky gazetteer.

      You wrote:

      >Now, if you click on the arrows which are placed at the end of each field, the right side of the screen has long........long.........long lists which are slow to go through. There is a long list of numbers in different digits.......then it starts with "a" and seems to be a variety of words....names of people...nouns....even some verbs. It is a cumbersome list. I have never made it through the entire list.
      This list is very helpful, but its use is very tricky. Here is na example:
      You wish to search the name of the taxpayer, there is a field with name
      "Adózók". You have to click to the green arrow located right for the
      field. After some time (depending on the server workload and speed of
      your connection) a new list on the right page of the screen will be
      loaded "Az Adózók mezőben előforduló szavak" - here are shown all the
      surname variations included in the database. You have now to move the
      cursor to any item in this list. You can move through the list using
      navigation keys of your keyboard, but also you can do quick jumps to the
      desired letter by hitting the alphabetic keys. Pressing "t" you will
      jump to the surname "Taák". Pressing the second key "u" you will
      undertake next jump to "tuba". etc. After you have selected your
      surname, you have double click on the selected name and this will be
      pasted to the surname field. There is now way back, thus you must start
      new search pressing the green arrow button. The similar procedure is to
      be used for remaining fields.

      Let me please know, if it was understandable.


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