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11699[S-R] 1600-1700s Hung Census &Gazetteer - Request for help deciphering!

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  • James McGrath
    Mar 1, 2005
      Hi everyone! I did a search and found someone listed
      in the 1715 taxation records that looks likely to be
      an ancestor of mine. You can find the records in
      question by searching under Antolik. He comes up
      (Marczin Antolik) in the listing for the village of
      Kolbach, which is where my ancestors were from.

      Even though my colleague in the next office is a
      classicist, I still am having difficulty deciphering
      the document, both because of handwriting and because
      Lating from the 18th century is different from that of
      ancient Rome.

      So, can anyone help me figure out what it is that this
      individual had 3 of, and what the 3 letters after his
      name indicate? I am presuming it doesn't mean he was
      an engineer! :)

      Thanks for any help you can give me!


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