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  • Gary Costel
    Feb 22, 2005
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      I would like to know how one can go about finding military records from
      about the 1860's.

      My great-great-grandfather, Joannes Kalman, was born 11JUN1843 in Farkasfalu
      (Vlkova), Szepes County. My great-great-grandmother, Katarina Bockaj, was
      born 24NOV1849 in Abrahamfalu, Szepes County. Both were Roman Catholic. I
      have been unable to find their marriage record or the baptismal records for
      their first 4 children; including that of my great-grandmother, Mary Kalman
      (born abt 1869).

      The FHC film includes the villages of Vlkova, Abrahamovce, Pikovce, and
      Levkovce in Szepes County. I did find both baptismal records (1843 & 1849)
      in this film, but no marriage record, nor baptismal records of their

      Joannes and Katarina appear once again around 1883 in the village of
      Kortvelyes (Spissky Hrusov), Szepes County. So between the years 1843-1883,
      I have no idea re his whereabouts.

      Joannes had several siblings, including a brother, Ferents Kalman, whom I
      found in Durand (Tvarozna), Szepes County. According to Ferents' marriage
      record, he was a soldier, and it gave the number of his division in which he
      was serving.

      I am assuming that the same probably holds true for my Joannes Kalman. That
      is, he served in the military, and his marriage record, and birth records
      for several of his children will be found in whatever town / village that he
      was stationed.

      Now, how does one find theses military records, and how much information is
      given in them?

      Thanks in advance!

      Gary Costel

      Researching the following (Slovakia) surnames: Bakajsa, Bereczky, Bockaj,
      Chwerchak, Cossel, Costel, Hacala, Hanchak, Horvath, Jurkiv, Kalman,
      Kascsak, Katrinak, Lahvardi, Murajda, Ondik, Ondike, Petrik, Ribar,
      Stefancin, Yurkiv

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