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  • johnqadam
    Jan 1, 2005
      Current Map
      To locate places in Europe, especially if you are not sure of the
      proper spelling of the place name, the best reference is found at

      ShtelSeeker will take you there via Mapquest.

      If you want to buy a map book, the best id Posrobny Auto Atlas, scale
      1:100,000. You can buy it from:

      1910 Hungarian Map
      The old Hungarian map can be found at:

      Look in the olive green area, top left of map.

      SAVE the map on YOUR computer. OPEN the map in any graphics program.
      CUT and PRINT the relevant section of the map. Otherwise, you just
      get a corner. This map uses the Hungarian village names that you will
      likely find in church records.

      Church Records at LDS Family History Center
      When searching for genealogical information, knowing the birth
      village is paramount because records are organized by village not
      nationally, so it is not possible to search on a national basis. It
      is also necessary to know the religion. To locate church records for
      Slovakia, knowing the village/town name, go to the LDS web site:

      LDS has Roman Catholic parish registers of baptisms, marriages,
      deaths and confirmations for Matiašovce, Slovensko, Czechoslovakia,
      formerly known as Mátyásfalu, Szepes, Hungary.

      Krstení 1694-1827 Sobášení 1694-1827 Zomrelí 1694-1771 - FHL INTL
      Film [ 1739647 Items 6-8 ]

      Zomrelí 1771-1827 Krstení 1828-1896 Sobášení 1828-1918 Zomrelí 1828-
      1896 Birmovaní 1858, 1868, 1876 - FHL INTL Film [ 1739648 Items 1-
      5 ]

      Locate your nearest Family History Center and Order Film
      You can go to the LDS web site to locate your nearest Family History
      Center (FHC) and determine their hours of operation. You will need to
      go there in person to order the film(s). In about a month, the film
      will arrive and you can book a film reader and begin your research.

      Translation of Church Records
      Checkout http://www.bmi.net/jjaso/ for parish record header

      LDS also has a pretty good translation guide which you can download.
      See forums.delphiforums.com/iarelative/messages message #3931.1 for
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