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11406Re: [S-R] Christmas soup!

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  • nhasior@aol.com
    Dec 24, 2004
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      Hi Gil,
      Am in the process of making your Christmas mushroom and sauerkraut soup. In
      about 10 minutes I will make the white sauce and that will be the grand
      finale. I cannot wait to sample it. never made it before and it smells like
      pierogis. Wonderful!! I have been boiling it for hours longer than the one hour
      your recipe called for. it has smelled up the whole neighborhood. Reminds
      me of when I lived in the upstairs apartment in Clifton, New Jersey and the
      Olineks on the end of the hall cooked cabbage every night. Same smell. Then
      our Jewish neighbor on occasion would grate horseradish and wow! Funny, back
      then, I thought that the whole world smelled like this all the time. :O)
      great memories.
      Merry Christmas, Vesole Vianoce and God Bless the whole world tonight.

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