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11280Re: [S-R] Re: Poprad area (German settlement)

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  • krisstrot@aol.com
    Dec 6, 2004
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      In a message dated 12/5/2004 8:45:37 PM Eastern Standard Time, WHew536674@... writes:

      >...So her claim of being Hungarian was based
      >on the fact that she lived there but was not really Magyar.

      I always considered my Grandmother "German." When she came over in 1910, she listed her ethnicity as "German" and her place of birth as "Hungary." When HER mother came for a visit in 1913, she listed her ethnicity as "Magyar" and place of birth as "Hungary." (I always thought she was of German origin, her maiden name being Weber.) She was traveling with her 16 year old daughter (my grandmother's sister), who also listed her ethnicity as "Magyar." I suppose she followed what her mother had said two lines above, while my grandmother, traveling on her own at age 24, listed her ethnicity as "German." Interesting. My sister and I often talk about the huge "jigsaw puzzle" this genealogy research truly is, and I'm glad to have a "partner in crime" to help keep my eyes open to ALL possibilities and to not be so LITERAL when reading ship and census records.
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