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11259Re: [S-R] Re: Poprad area (German settlement)

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  • krisstrot@aol.com
    Dec 4, 2004
      In a message dated 12/4/2004 8:28:53 PM Central Standard Time,
      nhasior@... writes:
      If Germans were already living in Zips (Szepes) in 1240, that is well over
      750 years ago. After living there for all that time, wouldn't the Germans
      living in Szepes be considered to be Slovak ?
      My grandfather's family was in the Zips for about 100 years before he was
      born. He always considered himself a German, or as I mentioned before, more
      correctly a Zipser-Saxon. Zipser giving credit to where he was born, and Saxon
      giving credit to his heritage. I know that the man I believe to be my
      grandfather's grandfather (I haven't seen the birth records yet, so can't yet be 100%
      positive) actually denounced his German-ness, saying, in effect, that his
      blood, like the Danube, arose in Germany, but, also like the Danube, it flows
      also in Hungary (meaning Austria-Hungary). I don't know why he made that
      decision, but his son (my grandfather's father) and my grandfather considered
      themselves Germans.
      Some good questions, Noreen; and I am learning along with you. Thanks to
      all who posted or will post on this subject.

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