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1113Re: help what does this mean?

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  • Bruce Bagin
    Feb 6, 2000
      Many thanks,

      You're a gem.


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      Subject: Re: [SLOVAK-ROOTS] help what does this mean?
      Date: Sun, 06 Feb 2000 17:47:53 -0500

      Hi Bruce - it's in Polish. It says that Hubert sends you greetings from
      across the ocean, you can reach him at that address, he was vacationing in
      Poland, in Zakopiec(?). Hopes you had a nice New Year's Eve. Write him
      and he'll tell you more later.

      Joe Armata

      >From: "Bruce Bagin" <bagin@...>
      >Pozdrowienia za oceanu przesyla Hubert. No i juz jestem ponownie dostepny
      >tym adressem. Troche nie bylem obecny, bo milo spedzalem czas w Polsce,
      >zwlaszcza w Zakopcu. Mam nadzieje ze ci sie udal sylwester 2000. odezwe
      sie nie
      >dlugo to opowiem co sie u mnie dzieje ciekawego, bo narazie to trudno
      >bo dopiero co przybylem do siebie na uczelnie. pozdrawiam Hubert
      >I received this email and have no understanding of its meaning. Can
      anyone help?

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