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  • Dan Kisha
    Jul 2, 1999

      It is definitely the side of the mountain.

      Yes, you should.

      Dan Kisha
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      Date: July 02, 1999 9:27 AM
      Subject: RE: [SLOVAK-ROOTS] KRISKO

      > I don't know if it is part of Johnstown now, but I know it is close
      >my grandmother was born and raised there and that's where they met. My
      >mother said it is on the side of a mountain, but I have never been there so
      >I don't know. I should go.
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      >From: Dan Kisha
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      >Subject: Re: [SLOVAK-ROOTS] KRISKO
      >From: Dan Kisha <daniel.kisha@...>
      >Jackie McNabb:
      >Is Conemaugh, PA part of Johnstown, Pa. I think I know the family,
      >the name sounds very familiar. Will contact my Uncle, George Hamara
      >Johnstown (86), to find out if he knew them.
      >Dan Kisha
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      >From: jmcnabb@... <jmcnabb@...>
      >To: SLOVAK-ROOTS@onelist.com <SLOVAK-ROOTS@onelist.com>
      >Date: July 01, 1999 8:09 AM
      >Subject: [SLOVAK-ROOTS] KRISKO
      >>From: jmcnabb@...
      >>My name is Jackie McNabb and I live in Christiansburg, Virginia. I am
      >currently researching my ancestors on my mothers side and am having
      >with finding my great-grandfather who was supposedly born in the former
      >Austria-Hungary and died in Conemaugh, PA. I have no dates. His name
      >George Krisko and was married to Mary Moschak according to information
      >on my grandfathers social security application. George and Mary had
      >children, one of them, Michael Krisko (my grandfather) was born in 1898
      >Allegheny, PA. I have names of the other children but no dates. Thanks
      >any help.
      >>Jackie McNabb
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