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  • jwm469@wireweb.net
    Aug 8, 2004
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      I am asking for help in deciding wher to try to look next. My great-grandmother Maria Bratko married my great-
      grandfather Andrew Molchany (Molcsany/Molcanyi) around 1891shortly before he left for America. Their first son
      Andrew was born in Dec 1892 in Jurske, Slovakia. (I have the Molcanyi family traced back to about 1800 in Jurske.)

      I have been trying for 10+ years to find the village that my great-grandmother may have been from. There is no
      information in the Ellis Island records on-line. In fact the link is wrong and it took me weeks to find the correct record
      (which I have misplaced/mis-filed). I have been told that there were Bratko's in Bratislava. But I think that is too large a
      city to try to find her.

      Does anyone have any ideas where I might look? My gut tells me that she might have been from a village to the east.
      There are more Molcanyis to the east of Jurske. A Nicholas Molchany, a Greek Catholic priest was from 'Bajer Vagas,
      Saros". I think the Molchanys migrated west from that area, maybe even Svidnik and surrounds. I was once told the
      names that end in 'ko' are most likely Rusyn. That makes me want to look east. Another cousin said that his relatives
      said the Molcanyi name is Rusyn. My paternal grandmother said that the family was part Russian - but prbably meant

      I'm at a loss and any help would be appreciated.


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