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  • sabinov@xxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
    Jul 2, 1999
      Hi Jackie,

      Your first step will be to get the appropriate death, marriage and birth
      information on family group sheets based on what you already know.

      Then go to your local Family History Center and order the microfilms of
      the 1920 US census for the location the family was, or order a soundex
      for the Krisko name for that state. (See the section on US Census on the
      Hints page if you don't know what that all means.) Work backwards in the
      census from there to find when they arrived, who was living with whom

      The other helpful thing you can do is to use the online Social Security
      Death Index to find information such as birth and death dates on your
      people. I like that database better than the one available at the FHC
      because you can limit it to certain states or counties. You may find
      some good information that way.

      Hope this helps you.

      Maura Petzolt Mobile Alabama USA
      Helpful Hints for Successful Searching
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