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  • Frank
    Jul 1 5:25 AM
      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, Joe Mrnka <jmrnka@y...> wrote:
      > Vladimir,
      > please tell me more. There was a story passed down in my
      > family on my dad's mother's side, that they were
      > descendants from people fleeing religious persecution. The
      > "Steinhubels" settled in the area of Modra. Is there any
      > literature in Slovak or English that would give a more in
      > depth account?
      > Thank you so much for your always informative posts to the
      > list.
      > Joe


      There is also a town called Steinhübel, Kreis Neisse, located in
      Silesia, Germany. However it was a R.C. parish.

      Steinhübel (umlaut u) would be the German surname spelling meaning
      Stein = stone + affix hübel.

      http://www.iarelative.com /search/sea0599c.htm

      The Slovakia telephone directory lists 4 surnames under Modra in
      western Slovakia.
      2 spelled Steinhübel, 1 Steinhubel, and 1 S^teinhu"bel (Slovak version
      of German surname)
      And 1 Steinhübel listed under Pezinok.


      Frank K

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