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  • Andrea Vangor
    Jan 27, 2000
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      Thanks -- curiously enough, there is a Vangor living in Belgium...

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      > << A lot of German surnames occur >>
      > There is an excellent book by Duncan Gardiner - "German Towns in Slovakia"
      > which tells about the three areas of German settlement in Slovakia, Spis
      > a major one.
      > What's interesting is in some cases the people weren't German at all but
      > from Belgium or Alsace or the Netherlands - this can be learned from the
      > and also approximate dates of settlement for many of the towns as well as
      > old German names - surprisingly the first settlers came as early as the
      > 1100s. The book has been republished several times and Duncan is an expert
      > this topic and has written several articles on it in our Slovakia
      > Tho I don't think his book gets into German landowners. I think in this
      > region there were many miners and craftspeople.
      > helene
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