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1Welcome to the SLOVAK-ROOTS list!

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  • mpetzolt2@xxxxx.xxx
    Jun 19, 1999
      Hello and welcome to the SLOVAK-ROOTS list on OneList!

      My name is Maura Petzolt and I live in Mobile Alabama USA. I am the listowner of this list. Currently there are 8 listmembers, however I expect this will grow very much. I have not really advertised the existance of this list, those of you on it have "found" it on your own! If you know of anyone else who you think might be interested in joining us, please invite them to visit onelist and join us.

      I would like to invite all of you to visit my Helpful Hints for Successful Searching page at http://www.rootsweb.com/~irlwat/instruct.html . I have put many things on the page to help you find information on your ancestors. We will refer to that page often on the list, so I don't have to type the same information over and over <g>

      Personally, I have two main families I am researching in the areas of the former Austria-Hungary. The SILHAVY/DOMINA line, which originated in Pohor, Bohemia and the JANKOVICH/MAZALIK line which originated in Sabinov, now in the Slovak Republic. I am very lucky that I had good information from my mother and grandmother on the families, and that the Sabinov records are microfilmed and available through the FHC (Family History Center), so I have that line back into the late 1700's. With the SILHAVY line I must deal with the Czech Republic archives as they have not allowed their records to be filmed, and so that is going slowly. I share more of my family research at a later date.

      Right now I am running this list from the mpetzolt2@... address, but I am trying to switch that over to sabinov@... for running this list. Please use the sabinov address to get in touch with me if you have any problems with the list.

      Please take a moment and send a message to the list, introduce yourselves and tell us all where you are searching. Our numbers will grow I am sure, in the meantime let's let the searching begin!

      Happy Searching!