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Re: Pennsylvania Death Certificates Available I have also been using the PA death certificates with great success but I want to also tell you the search tool on ancestry is not perfect. I didn't have a
6:18 AM
Re: Handwriting help needed! Hi Anabeth, I believe religion had nothing to do with foundlings. Who was close & able  (Catholic or Protestant) to take care of this poor children, he/she
Zuzana Peer
Apr 23
Re: Handwriting help needed! Thanks, Zuzana -- The 1869 censuses for Myjava and Brezova pod Bradlom contained names of many Roman Catholic foundlings. I haven't found an explanation about
Anabeth Dollins
Apr 23
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Re: Handwriting help needed! Hi Anabeth, it is very probably Hungarian name of military troop/section where Jan Sadak belonged.  Slovak family Sadak from Mijava also took care of two
Zuzana Peer
Apr 23
Did your ancestor play Slovak FUJARA ? The symbol of Slovak folk music, the decorated "fujara" flute has been recognized by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of Heritage of all Humanity (2005). A 5 day
Bob Rychlik
Apr 23
Re: Pennsylvania Death Certificates Available I have been accessing the PA Death certificates for the past several nights and have found it to be an absolute gold mine! My wife's family is from Luzerne
Apr 23
Re: Pennsylvania Death Certificates Available Yeah!! So glad you found it Ron.
Apr 22
Re: Pennsylvania Death Certificates Available Well, thank you all for the links and the hints. I believe I have the death certificate for our family "mystery man", a grandfather who died young, shortly
Apr 22
Handwriting help needed! asePlea https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-1961-28473-2958-9?cc=1986782&wc=MPPC-DPK:323642401,324114901 Is someone able read and translate for me the
Anabeth Dollins
Apr 22
Re: Pennsylvania Death Certificates Available Sounds like you are on the Pennsylvania State Health Department web site. They have the indexes for the public death and birth certificates. HereÆs the link
Sandra & John Panzitta
Apr 22
Re: Pennsylvania Death Certificates Available The link for the PA Portal is an index of records for each year. If you don't know the year, you have to search many until you find the death. Also, this
Apr 22
Re: Pennsylvania Death Certificates Available Although it was my understanding that the death records available through the PA portal would be images of the actual death certificates, when I went there
Apr 22
Re: Pennsylvania Death Certificates Available If you go to the PA site, they will ask for your zipcode.  SImply us a PA code. On Tuesday, April 22, 2014 6:28 AM, John C wrote:   You
David Hanak
Apr 22
Re: Pennsylvania Death Certificates Available You can get the information from PA Department of Health public records site. Death Records (1906-1963):
John C
Apr 22
Re: Pennsylvania Death Certificates Available The original notice about the death certificates said that they would be free to PA residents, but since these are available on Ancestry, I don't see how they
Apr 22
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Re: Pennsylvania Death Certificates Available Do you have to be a resident of PA to research the PA Death Certificates? My great grandfather died in PA in a mining accident around Clarion, Pa. I don't
Apr 22
Tranlate observation please The attachment for Michael Potoscnyak - entry 34 is son of Barbara Komar (sister of my Great Grandfather, Joannes Komar.) Please translate the observation on
Rick Mayernik
Apr 21
Re: Pennsylvania Death Certificates Available 1906-24 death certificates – April 2014 1925-44 death certificates – June 2014 1945-63 death certificates – November 2014 1906 birth certificates –
Tom Potsko
Apr 21
Re: Pennsylvania Death Certificates Available Great info!  Thanks for sharing!   Andrea  ________________________________ From: "breny@..." To: SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com Sent:
Lance and Andrea Batchelder
Apr 21
Pennsylvania Death Certificates Available You can search for PA Death Certificates from 1906 - 1924 right now on Ancestry.com. It's free if you are a resident of Pennsylvania. Other years will be
Apr 21
Fw: News Hi! http://thejiu.com/idlj/specialreport.php Have a nice day!
Apr 21
Re: New member introduction Joan, I don't know about the Dudas in Florida. I'm weaker on that side of my family, today anyway. I don't have my spreadsheet online... but now that you
Apr 14
Re: New member introduction   There are a lot of people with the surname of "Fagan" in the Kansas City Area.  I went to school with some Fagans - the church (St. John the Baptist in
Suzanne Bond
Apr 14
Re: New member introduction Jim, I don't think I am related. As far as I know, I'm only blood related to 14 other people in the country with ancestors that name changed from Visnovsky to
Apr 13
Re: New member introduction Are you any relation to don or mike Fagan from Colorado? From: SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com [mailto:SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of Nicholas Fagan
Jim M.
Apr 13
Re: New member introduction It sounds like you're doing something similar to an effort that I just started for the town of Modra. I started it for the express purpose of connecting
Apr 13
New member introduction Hello all, My name is Nick Fagan (changed from Visnovsky), I'm researching my family history in Slovakia in the towns of Hranovnica (previously known as
Nicholas Fagan III
Apr 13
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Re: Juris & Others http://www.cisarik.com/0_Giraltovce_Svidnik_PV_Saros_Saris.html This page shows 40 Hliboky live in Giraltovce. Is the 1826 a birth year, address?
Apr 5
Juris & Others Is anyone familiar with these names? Susie Hliboky 1826, Giraltovce, Slovakia. Joannes Rakos 1815, Celovce, Slovakia Juraj Rakos 1789 & Alzbeta Cina 1794 They
Apr 5
Re: New York Public Library Austria Hungary Maps Bruce, I couldn’t find the dpi at max. I did notice that by moving back one (-) the resolution was better than max. Since these maps cover up to 1912 they
Apr 4
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