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Re: Confirm Imre Triscik's Birth record?

I would say that it is close enough to be the birth and baptism record.  It is not unusual to a small discrepancy in the dates, 16 Nov vs. 6 Nov.  The
Dr. JQ
Jun 17

Confirm Imre Triscik's Birth record?

Does this birth record for Imre Triscsik, (Entry 52 page 287 in Slovakia Church and Synagogue Books,1592-1910) look like it could be the same Imre/ Henry
Jun 16

Re: surname info

Normally we first look for U.S. records containing place of birth information, and then find Slovak church and census records. 1) In this case, it makes sense
Jun 9

Re: surname info

Re Medbeczy, Ellis Island has a single listing with a similar spelling. Medbeczki, Jozsef Medvedza, Hungary 20 1888-1889 1909 This gives us a list of
Jun 9

Re: surname info

To get anywhere, you need a village name. To get you started, here are the places that Stubendek occurred in the 1995 Slovak census. riezvisko STUBENDEK sa na
Jun 9

surname info

Hello All I am now looking for any info on the last name Medbeczy. I am looking for info on a gr. gr grandmother, married Michael Stubendek and gave birth to a
Kim Roos
Jun 8

Re: Bytča Archives Jewish Records

I believe that the films to which you refer are available for research through any LDS Family History Center (FHC). They can be ordered online for local area
Jun 6

Bytča Archives Jewish Records

On a recent trip to Slovakia, my cousins and I visited the Slovakian state archives in Bytča, one of 7 regional archives in the country. They have a book
Cyndi Norwitz
May 27

Re: WW1 and First Czechoslovak Army / Legions

Quite an interesting piece. I have relatives that came from the border region, later migrating to Germany Regards, Ray Lopez ... On Thu, 5/11/17, Nick
R Lopez
May 16

Re: question on town/area

Thanks. My son lives in Falls Church, VA, so I will try and build it into a future trip. Ray ... From: Helen Fedor helenfedor@... [SLOVAK-ROOTS]
May 13

Re: question on town/area

Dear George, You wrote "Thànx for the info, it's appreciated. I have my Mother's birth certificate which shows her being born in "Austro Hungry. Where would
May 13

Re: question on town/area

Thànx for the info, it's appreciated. I have my Mother's birth certificate which shows her being born in "Austro Hungry. Where would you suggest I should
May 13

Re: question on town/area

Our local group is the Slovak American Society of Washington, D.C. (SASW). You can check out our (new) website at < http://dcslovaks.org/ >. We'd love to
Helen Fedor
May 12

Re: question on town/area

The mailing address (one of the 3 buildings on Capitol Hill) is: 101 Independence Ave., S.E. Washington, D.C. 20540 H ________________________________ From:
Helen Fedor
May 12

Re: question on town/area

On visiting the Library of Congress: Allow time to take a tour and be astounded at the beauty and history of the building. Then do your research. And before
May 12
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