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Job Announcement: Project Manager, Green Resource Center

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  • Dayana Salazar
    Job Description: Project Manager, Green Resource Center Summary: Lead staff at Berkeley non-profit Green Resource Center, managing and implementing two new and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 7, 2002
      Job Description: Project Manager, Green Resource Center

      Summary: Lead staff at Berkeley non-profit Green Resource Center,
      and implementing two new and innovative green building projects.
      $20/hr position.

      General Information:

      The Green Resource Center (³GRC²) is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation
      provides public information about green, environmentally sustainable
      building. It currently holds two contracts to provide two specific
      to support and promote green building activity in Berkeley and the Bay
      The GRC¹s Project Manager will be the lead staff person for the GRC, and

      will be in charge of supervising and, in many cases, implementing the
      contracted programs, extending green building information to a large
      of homeowners and also interacting with a wide range of architects,
      engineers, consultants, developers, and homeowners. Other opportunities
      include general representation of the GRC to visiting groups such as
      researchers, designers, developers, and government. Other staff at the
      includes an office manager/ bookkeeper, a variety of volunteers, and
      space is shared with the ³Smart Lights² program of Community Energy
      and with Architects/ Designers/ Planners for Social Responsibility. The
      is located at 1931 Center St. in downtown Berkeley, near the Berkeley

      Project Information:

      The Berkeley¹s Best Builders Program (³BBB²) is the City of Berkeley¹s
      Green Building program. It conducts outreach to developers of
      industrial, and multi-family residential buildings to encourage ³green²,
      lower-environmental impact, building strategies and technologies. It
      provides developers and architects with free consulting sessions with
      technical experts with a broad range of specialties and produces
      reports that contain green building recommendations. The BBB program was

      begun in March 2001 and is the first project of its kind in the country.
      is administered by the Green Resource Center (³GRC²) under contract with
      City of Berkeley, and funds for the program come from the State of
      California Integrated Waste Management Board, Alameda County Waste
      Management Authority, and Pacific Gas & Electric Co. Applicants are
      encouraged to view the program web site at

      The Ask an Expert program will provide ³hotline² green building advice
      information to primarily residential builders as an extension of a
      service already offered by the GRC. It receives inquiries about green
      building topics, and provides replies through a combination of FAQ
      basic research by project of volunteer staff, or referral to a pool of
      experts in a variety of green building fields. The formal,
      version of the current hotline system has not yet been implemented; the
      Project Manager will help launch this exciting new service to the Bay
      Ask an Expert is administered by the Green Resource Center (³GRC²) under

      contract with the City of Berkeley, and funds for the program come from
      Alameda County Waste Management Authority.

      Job Description:

      - Project Management: oversee project budget, tracking of completed and
      pending consulting schedules, reporting to city supervisors, project
      - Program Coordination: developer and architect outreach, management of
      expert consultants, coordination with other program staff and city staff

      involved in green building promotion.
      - Board Communication: work with supervising Board members in developing

      current projects, report to Board on progress of work. Board members
      most contract matters with City and grant sponsors.
      - Consulting Supervision: preparation of BBB consulting sessions,
      at consulting sessions, review and compilation of consultant reports,
      reporting to program clients (i.e. developers and architects) and to
      - Ask an Expert Hotline Operation: Track and maintain a database of
      inquiries and responses, coordinate limited consultations with green
      building experts
      - Volunteer Coordination: Supervise work of BBB volunteers in staffing
      and Expert hotline and in other office functions as available. Recruit
      train additional volunteers.
      - Program Outreach: promote hotline and BBB service in local media and
      through green building web sites or other community locations.

      Skills and Requirements:

      - Architectural content: ³Green² architectural or other design and
      construction experience is a requirement. A professional degree in
      architecture is preferred but not required. (Please note that while
      familiarity with these issues is a requirement, this position is also an

      excellent opportunity to learn even more about green issues and the
      developing demand for green services, and to become familiar with a
      of experts in the field.)
      - Non-profit project management: Familiarity with managing small-scale
      projects (e.g. budget and reporting functions) is highly preferred, but
      architectural or other experience may be substituted instead.
      - Self-sufficient office skills: ability to work with existing project
      in MS Word ,MS Excel, and MS Outlook on Macintosh systems is required.
      Filemaker Pro experience is greatly preferred. Other office functions
      include general project correspondence and record-keeping.

      Length of Employment & Pay:
      - Interviews will begin as soon as possible. Job is to start Jan. 14 or
      soon as possible, beginning with a two week training period.
      - Job is full time 40 hrs/ week. A 4/5 time position would also be
      - Pay will be $20/hr ($40,000/year). Unfortunately, no benefits can be
      offered at this time outside of the rewarding nature of the work and the

      opportunity to develop and become a valuable part of the exciting and
      progressive green building community
      - Program length is subject to extension of City contracts, but minimum
      one year duration.

      How to reply:

      Please send a letter and resume by email (preferred) to
      bbb@... or by fax to 510-845-9503.
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