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MTC Job Announcement: Program Coordinator for TravInfo 511 - Traffic Data Collection

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  • Dayana Salazar
    JOB ANNOUNCEMENT POSITION: PROGRAM COORDINATOR for TravInfo™/511 Traffic Data Collection CLASSIFICATION: Assistant/Associate Program
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 16, 2004




      POSITION:                 PROGRAM COORDINATOR for TravInfo�/511 Traffic Data Collection


      CLASSIFICATION:   Assistant/Associate Program Coordinator

                                          (Traveler Coordination and Information Section)



      OF VACANCIES:     One


      SALARY RANGE:     Grade VII of the Salary Plan:  $61,485.32 to $78,705.90 per year (Depending upon additional qualifications, salary may be up to $90,742.34)


      DESCRIPTION:         Under supervision of the Senior Program Coordinator, work on several projects related to data collection and partnerships for TravInfo/511 and MTC�s Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) projects.  Assume responsibility for completing the final phases of the toll tag data collection system; coordinating with MTC�s partners who provide data to TravInfo/511, including Caltrans, the California Highway Patrol and local Smart Corridor agencies; managing projects identified in the Bay Area ITS Regional Architecture related to traveler information or data collection; managing partnerships with the private sector to implement data collection projects for the 2005 ITS World Congress; and provide staff support to define and implement MTC�s role in implementation of the national Vehicle Infrastructure Initiative (�VII�) in the Bay Area. Future responsibilities may include supporting TravInfo/511�s performance monitoring and operations, managing user feedback from 511, and contributing to the 511 marketing strategies.  Work with and support efforts of other staff assigned to the TravInfo project.  Provide other support to the project as required. 


                                          Note:  The TravInfo project collects, processes, and disseminates multi-modal traveler information to the Bay Area traveling public, and also shares data with other Bay Area transportation agencies.    The primary public services are the 511 telephone number and the traffic.511.org web page.  This position will focus primarily on the provision of freeway information.  MTC is the lead agency, but works closely with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), the California Highway Patrol, Bay Area transit agencies, and other transportation agencies, to implement the project.  The ITS World Congress is the annual international showcase of ITS technologies, and will be held in San Francisco in October 2005.  The Vehicle-Infrastructure Initiative (�VII�) is a program involving the Federal Highway Administration, Caltrans, MTC, and automobile manufacturers, designed to explore the possibilities of gathering data for traffic management, safety, traveler information, and other purposes, directly from vehicles.




      QUALIFICATIONS:   Education:  Completion of a Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university, as listed in the Higher Education Directory, in an appropriate discipline, such as urban planning, transportation planning, engineering, or public administration.  (Applicants with a degree issued from an institution outside the United States must have their transcripts evaluated by an academic accrediting service and provide proof of equivalency along with the application.)


                                          Experience:  Completion of at least one year of recent (must be in the last five years), progressive and verifiable professional experience in a field such as intelligent transportation systems, transportation planning, transportation engineering, contract management, or project management.  Other experience in customer service programs or performance monitoring would be helpful.  One year of graduate work in a discipline directly related to the position may be substituted for the required experience.



                                          Knowledge of:  Principles and practices of transportation program administration, project management and control; intelligent transportation systems and/or advanced traveler information systems; techniques to facilitate inter-agency coordination; program and contract development, analysis, administration and evaluation; quantitative analysis; and interrelationships among government agencies.


                                          Ability to:  Analyze problems, develop strategies and make practical recommendations; prepare correspondence and reports; prepare and make presentations to a wide variety of audiences; attend evening meetings as required; work independently; communicate clearly and concisely, orally and in writing; use initiative and sound judgment within established procedural guidelines; manage consultant contracts and work; establish and maintain effective working relationships; and develop consensus among local agencies and consultants on various issues.




      ASSIGNMENTS:       Under the direct supervision and direction of a TravInfo Senior Program Coordinator, the Assistant Program Coordinator will work as a member of a team on the following tasks:


      1.      Manage TravInfo�s coordination with Caltrans and the California Highway Patrol to collect traffic data on the region�s freeway system.

      2.      Manage TravInfo�s coordination with the region�s Smart Corridor partners to increase TravInfo�s coverage on major arterials.

      3.      Manage MTC�s work on those elements of the Regional ITS Architecture related to traveler information or ITS data collection, such as projects to incorporate construction information, weather information, arterial data, or other new data sources into TravInfo.

      4.      Manage MTC�s involvement in ITS World Congress projects related to TravInfo data collection on freeways and arterials, and data dissemination through 511, 511.org, and other methods.

      5.      Support MTC�s general involvement in the ITS World Congress through tasks such as coordination with other partners on technology demonstration projects, developing educational and promotional materials, and representing MTC in various working groups and other forums.

      6.      Support MTC�s participation in the Vehicle Infrastructure Initiative (VII) program, including participation in the national working group related to general policy (e.g., privacy, right of way, data ownership, use cases, architecture, and business models) and the possible demonstration of VII in the Bay Area.

      7.      Support the TravInfo project manager in reviewing project deliverables and tracking the project schedule.

      8.      Develop RFPs, evaluate consultant proposals, negotiate and manage contracts, and process change orders.

      9.      Conduct general liaison, problem solving, handling of correspondence, and project administration duties. 

      10. Other duties as assigned.

      11. Future tasks may include the following:

              Manage TravInfo�s performance monitoring efforts.  The goal of this effort is to monitor (a) contractor effectiveness, including the effectiveness of the operations staff; (b) the effectiveness of the automated data collection system; and (c) the experience of 511 users. 

              Work with the main TravInfo/511 consultant, the performance monitoring consultant, and other MTC staff to ensure that the performance monitoring results are used to improve program operations. 

              Oversee TravInfo/511 operations at the project�s Traveler Information Center (TIC). 

              Support other project staff in implementing enhancements to the 511-phone system and the www.511.org web page.



      General Tasks:          The following are the general tasks expected of all positions at this level:


              Organize analytical tasks, determining overall priorities and objectives.

              Detail work scope, design and plan technical approach to tasks, define method of analysis and estimate required resources.

              Periodically review and evaluate the quality and quantity of assigned work to ensure progress and conformance to schedule.

              Coordinate the efforts of assigned work with MTC staff and affected agencies.

              Prepare memoranda and reports regarding findings and conclusions; prepare recommendations, alternatives and priorities.

              Advise Section Manager and supervisor of significant policy developments; consult with MTC Counsel on legal issues.

              Represent agency at meetings, make presentations before MTC committees, management, staff, and other agencies.

              Serve as independent staff member on significant specific assignments.





      Submit an MTC Application, and a current resume to:  Human Resources Office, Metropolitan Transportation Commission, 101 Eighth Street, Oakland, CA 94607.  Applications not submitted, or submitted without all of the required materials will not be given further consideration.  This announcement remains open until 5:00 p.m., Monday, August 30, 2004. (Faxed/emailed applications will NOT be accepted.)


      Applications may be downloaded from MTC�s website, www.mtc.ca.gov. or contact MTC�s Job Hotline, at (510) 464-7818, or email jobhotline@....  Leave your contact information and position applying for, to receive the announcement and application forms by mail. 





      This Job Announcement sets a cut-off date and time for the receipt of applications.  Applications will be reviewed as promptly as possible following the cut-off date.  Those candidates whose applications show the best combination of training, experience, knowledge, and ability relevant to the position will be invited for an interview.


      A panel whose members are acquainted with the requirements of the position will conduct interviews.  At the conclusion of the interviews, the panel will rate the candidates.  The Executive Director may offer the position to the best-qualified candidate.


      After the position has been offered and accepted, all other considered candidates will be notified promptly of the filling of the position.  The panel will recommend which of the candidates interviewed but not selected may constitute an "eligibility" list, which will remain in effect for six months.  In the event the same, or very similar position becomes available during that period, the list may be used for further selection.  In the event that a suitable candidate is not found, the position will be reopened for further recruitment.





      The initial six months of service in this position constitute a probation period.  The purpose of probation is to assist the employee in adapting to the new job, to evaluate the employee�s performance relative to continuation in the position, and to provide for corrective measures when performance is deficient.





      MTC staff employees are paid on the basis of an adopted salary schedule.  The cited grade for this position consists of a total of eleven steps with intervals of approximately 2�% available for merit progression.





      • One day per month paid vacation leave; for each year of service, an additional day per year is granted to a maximum of 25 days per year.
      • One day per month paid sick leave, with no limit to the amount of sick leave that can be accumulated.  (May cash out up to 240 hours of accumulated sick leave upon separation from the Agency.)
      • Eleven paid holidays per year.
      • Personal business leave; up to three days per year depending upon date of hire.
      • Health Benefits Insurance through the Public Employees� Retirement System (dependent coverage shared by the employee and MTC).
      • Agency-paid Vision Care Insurance, employees only (no dependent coverage).
      • Agency-paid Dental Insurance (dependent coverage shared by the employee and MTC).
      • Agency-paid Life, AD&D, and Long Term Disability Insurance.
      • Public Employees� Retirement System (PERS); the total contribution paid by MTC.  PERS is in lieu of employee contribution to the Social Security System.
      • Transit/Parking Subsidy.
      • Alternative payroll savings plans (deferred compensation plans, two credit unions).





      The selected candidate will be required to provide verification of his/her identity and evidence of having legal authorization to work in the United States prior to beginning employment.  The selected candidate must maintain his/her employment eligibility status for the duration of their employment and will be responsible for notifying MTC of any changes. 





      MTC conducts background checks to verify information included in the candidate�s application, resume and supplemental materials. 





      A valid California Drivers License is required, as MTC employees may be expected to operate an automobile in the performance of assigned duties. Exceptions to this policy will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis to accommodate special needs.





      The Metropolitan Transportation Commission is a non-discriminatory employer.  MTC provides all employees and applicants with an equal opportunity in every aspect of the employment experience regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, physical handicap, medical condition, or marital status.  This policy is implemented through an ongoing affirmative action program to ensure maximum opportunity to participate in the Commission's programs.


      The Metropolitan Transportation Commission is a regional transportation-planning agency created by the legislature pursuant to Government Code Sections 66500 et seq. to provide coordinated transportation development for the nine-co

      Dayana Salazar, Interim Chair
      Urban and Regional Planning Department
      San Jose State University
      (408) 924-5854

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