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    Transportation Futures Network Employment Connections This is the Transportation Futures Network Employment Connections. It is a periodic compilation of job
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2004
      Transportation Futures Network Employment Connections

      This is the Transportation Futures Network Employment Connections. It
      is a periodic compilation of job positions to match the right people
      with the right jobs in areas broadly related to the transportation

      Positions included in this issue:

      *Research Scientist, Center for Transportation Studies, UVA
      (Charlottesville, VA)

      *Government Relations Associate, Defenders of Wildlife (Washington, DC)

      *Legislative Assistant, ? (Washington, DC)

      *Coordinator, NTEC (Washington, DC)

      *Public Relations Project Manager, APTA (Washington, DC)

      * Program Manager, WestStart-CALSTART (Pasadena, CA)

      *Waterfront Park Project Coordinator, WE ACT (New York, NY)

      *Program Manager, MCAN (Boston, MA)

      *Transportation Advocated, MassPIRG (Boston, MA)

      *Staff Attorney, Trustees for Alaska (Anchorage, AK)

      *Media Relations Expert, Resource Media (San Francisco, CA)

      *East River Advocate, Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance (New York, NY)

      *Environmental Justice Attorney, NRDC (New York, NY)

      *Multiple Positions, GHASP (Houston, TX)

      *Program Assistant, WRN (Washington, DC)

      *Paid Internship, Sacramento County Planning Department (Sacramento, CA)

      *Recent FTA Postings


      The purpose of the Transportation Futures Network is to cultivate
      progressive leadership in the transportation field. Members believe that
      sensible transportation decisions are an essential ingredient of viable
      communities and therefore should support environmental quality, social
      equity, community development and economic efficiency. To help our
      members pursue these goals, the Network provides a forum for
      problem-solving, debate, professional development and collaboration on
      local and national transportation activities.

      "Transportation is about making connections, and so are we."



      The Center for Transportation Studies in Civil Engineering at the
      University of Virginia is seeking an experienced professional to fill
      the position of Research Scientist. This individual will conduct
      transportation related research including designing, implementing, and
      analyzing travel related surveys. The individual will also be
      responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the Center. Tasks
      include the administration of all active research grants, preparation of
      reports for research sponsors, budgets, expense tracking of all Center
      research grants, grant compliance, payroll, equipment
      planning/acquisition, space planning, and Center promotion.

      PhD degree desired. Master's degree from an accredited college or
      university and significant related experience will be considered in lieu
      of PhD degree. The position requires experience in conducting research
      surveys, data analysis, and financial planning/analysis/ reporting and
      business operations, as well as experience in administrating grants and
      contracts from federal, state, and local agencies including policies and
      procedures. For further information visit http://cts.virginia.edu

      A position description follows.

      * Research & Analysis. Activities include design, implementation and
      analysis of transportation related surveys. Participation in research
      projects associated with the Virginia Transportation Research Council
      (VTRC). Collection and analysis of research data, interpretation of
      results, presentation and recommendation of findings.

      * Management of Research Projects. Managing the Center's project
      database through frequent monitoring and updating of the status of
      various ongoing research projects. Ensuring the posting of all projects
      (new, ongoing, complete) on the Center's web site database. Ensuring
      that sponsors receive final reports on completed projects on a timely
      basis. Responding to all internal and public inquiries regarding
      research projects. Attending some research conferences and symposiums.

      * Research Grant Management & Compliance. Ensuring that sufficient funds
      are appropriately allocated to new grants and that allowable
      expenditures are charged to existing grants according to UVA's financial
      administration guidelines as well as state, federal, and sponsor
      guidelines. Also, managing the accurate coding of expenses to
      appropriate accounts and expense categories. Responding to financial
      inquiries from the School of Engineering's pre and post-award
      administration staff. Working with the School of Engineering's budget
      staff on allocating funds to various research grant accounts.

      * Financial Management & Reporting. This responsibility encompasses the
      planning, budgeting, and management of financial resources associated
      with the day-to-day operations of the Center. Specific activities
      include: annual budget preparation, authorization of purchases,
      monitoring of expenses, developing monthly financial reports, and
      summarization and presentation of monthly financial results to faculty
      and researchers.

      * Managing Procurement/Billing Activities. Authorizing purchase
      requisitions for equipment, supplies, and services. Working with vendors
      in receiving competitive quotes/price bids, and ensuring on-time and
      accurate processing of procurement related documents. Managing the
      timely processing of all invoices, purchase requisitions, and payment
      vouchers. Responding to vendor inquiries regarding payments. Working
      with the Procurement Services Department (Accounts Payable, Purchasing,
      Asset/Property Management) on various accounting/billing issues.

      * Managing Payroll/Recruitment Activities. Ensuring that Center's
      faculty/staff/student hours are charged to correct grant accounts
      according to research activities. Managing the timely processing of
      student timesheets. Responding to all payroll inquiries and issues.
      Managing all administrative activities associated with student
      recruitment (communication/outreach, response to inquiries, student
      immigration issues, registration, payroll set-up).

      * Managing Sponsor Requirements. Ensuring that all sponsor related
      reports and documents (e.g., annual reports, invoices, project status
      reports, final reports, etc.) are prepared and submitted with maximum
      accuracy and within required timeframe.

      * Managing the CTS web site. This includes working with internal and
      external professionals (programmers, creative designers, copy writers,
      etc.) to continuously update the web site and ensure that the content,
      database information, and the functionality of the web site are

      * Managing Center Promotion Activities. Acting as the marketing and
      promotions officer for the Center, promoting CTS through various means
      including the web site, marketing materials (program brochures, folders,
      handouts, etc.), and event opportunities. Officially representing the
      Center in various internal and external forums and making public
      presentations regarding Center activities and achievements. * Responding
      to public inquiries regarding academic programs and research projects.
      Planning, logistics, and coordination activities concerning special
      events such as workshops, seminars, guest speaker opportunities, and
      student recruitment events. Developing public announcements for
      important news topics such as faculty recognition awards, invitation of
      distinguished speakers and officials, as well as local, regional, and
      national transportation seminars.

      Please submit a complete resume, as well as the names, phone numbers,
      and email addresses of three references by August 16, 2004 to: Dr.
      Nicholas J. Garber, Chair of Search Committee, Center for Transportation
      Studies, University of Virginia, 351 McCormick Rd, PO Box 400742,
      Charlottesville, VA 22904-4742. Submission of all documents via email
      (njg@...) is preferred.

      The University of Virginia is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action



      Supervisor: Vice President, Government Relations and External Affairs

      Job Description: This professional position is responsible for
      representing Defenders of Wildlife's legislative and administrative
      interests before Congress, the Administration and the media. Primary
      focus will be on endangered species, wildlife, National Forests and
      related appropriations issues. Responsibilities include: direct
      lobbying; developing advocacy strategies; representing Defenders'
      interests in issue-based coalitions; monitoring Congressional
      committees; drafting reports, fact sheets and testimony; obtaining
      legislative and political information and generally assisting the
      advocacy work of Defenders' Government Relations and External Affairs


      1) Implement strategies, campaigns, programs, projects, workplans,
      budgets, publications, educational materials and reports for each
      assigned program area;

      2) Establish and maintain effective working relationships with members
      of Congress, Congressional staff, federal agency personnel, biologists,
      scientists and staff of leading NGOs;

      3) Represent Defenders in coalitions, public meetings, hearings, press
      events, conferences, national forums, and in general communications with
      public officials, the media, members, the donor community and the

      4) Identify, inform and mobilize citizen activists, including Defenders'
      members and supporters, in areas of particular importance;

      5) Assist all Defenders departments with tasks relating to education,
      development, publications and media coverage;

      6) Be a committed and effective advocate for all Defenders' programs and

      7) Other duties as assigned by supervisor.


      1) Degree in Law, Natural Resources, Public Policy, Biology, Education
      or related field;

      2) At least 2-4 years of Capitol Hill or other legislative experience,
      preferably involving natural resource issues;

      3) Experience working with wildlife conservation issues and knowledge of
      federal resource agencies, laws, treaties and policies dealing with use
      and conservation of natural resources;

      4) Political experience, judgment and sensitivity, including a thorough
      understanding of lobbying, resource and appropriations committees,
      budget process and federal legislative procedures and grassroots

      5) Experience developing, implementing and managing legislative and
      advocacy campaigns on a national level;

      6) Strong writing, media and communication skills;

      7) Ability to conduct research, analyze information, and produce
      work-products in a consistent, efficient and timely manner;

      8) Other relevant experience with public policy, education, grass-roots
      organizing, communications, editing, and/or development;

      9) Ability to work effectively as part of Defenders' legislative and
      administrative advocacy team.

      How to Apply:

      Please send a resume and cover letter to:

      Government Relations Associate Search

      Defenders of Wildlife

      1130 17th St. NW

      Washington, DC 20036

      Fax: 202-682-1331

      No phone calls please.

      It is the policy of Defenders of Wildlife to provide equal employment
      opportunity to all qualified individuals without regard to their race,
      color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, or any other
      characteristic protected by law, in all personnel actions.



      Senior Member of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee seeks a
      legislative assistant to handle all issues before the Transportation
      Committee in addition to a few non-committee issues. Ideal candidate has
      Capitol Hill experience as a legislative assistant and with
      transportation issues, excellent writing skills, and solid analytical
      abilities. No telephone calls, please. An on-site writing test will be
      required of all candidates. Please fax a cover letter, resume, two
      writing samples of a maximum of two pages each, and salary requirements
      to 202-226-2941.



      Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) seeks to fill the position of
      Coordinator of the National Transportation Enhancements Clearinghouse
      (NTEC). The NTEC is a partnership project between RTC and the Federal
      Highway Administration (FHWA). The Coordinator is primarily responsible
      for the daily operations of the Clearinghouse and for carrying out
      NTEC's research projects and product development.

      Specifically, the duties of the NTEC Coordinator are (note these duties
      are split between two coordinators):

      * Provide technical assistance to the public via phone and email;

      * Fill orders for publications and other resources;

      * Data entry and upkeep of Customer Database

      * Write, edit, and publish a 6-page quarterly newsletter, distribution

      * Write, edit, and publish other documents, such as fact sheets, case
      study booklets, and brochures;

      * Conduct research with state DOTs regarding spending of TE funds and
      update database of TE funded projects;

      * Write, edit, and publish yearly report analyzing trends in state TE

      * Prepare and execute 2-day TE Seminar for 100 DOT staff held every two

      * Conduct research about TE for other strategic reports;

      * Speak at conferences and to stakeholders about TE;

      * Analyze monthly customer data for service summary;

      * Maintain customer database and product distribution;

      * Manage email list serve for TE professionals;

      * Stay informed on legislative and administrative changes at both the
      federal and state level that affect TE.

      * Update Web site information;

      * Other duties as assigned.

      The NTEC Coordinator reports directly to the NTEC Director, and is a
      member of the RTC Program Department staff.

      The ideal candidate for this job will have:

      * A Bachelor's degree;

      * At least two years professional experience in a transportation or
      public policy related field;

      * Demonstrated excellence in research, writing and editing;

      * Strong interpersonal communications skills;

      * Exposure to government and/or non-profit work environments;

      * Interest in transportation reform, public policy, urban planning, and
      the environment;

      * A preference for behind-the-scenes, research-based advocacy;

      * Experience with Microsoft Office, especially databases, Web, and word

      Hours are 40 hours per week. RTC offers a generous health and vacation
      benefits package.

      Send letter, resume, and writing sample to:

      Hugh Morris

      NTEC Director

      1100 17th Street, NW, 10th Fl.

      Washington, DC, 20036

      Or email to: hugh@...



      Job Description

      Washington-based trade association has an immediate opening for a
      dynamic public relations project manager who will be responsible for
      working with the Director in coordinating activities to support a
      nationwide education and outreach initiative designed to build support
      for public transportation among the public and local, state and federal
      officials. Duties will include researching and developing communications
      materials, developing presentations, and coordinating fundraising
      activities. Must be able to communicate orally and in writing with a
      high degree of proficiency.

      Requirements include a Bachelor's degree, with at least three years of
      business experience preferably in communication or public affairs or a
      related field. Ability to meet deadlines and handle several projects at
      the same time. Experience in developing communications materials and
      writing press releases, as well as basic administrative abilities and
      project management. Demonstrated ability to work in a team environment.
      Computer expertise necessary. Excellent fringe benefits package
      including retirement, 401 (K), medical and dental plan. Salary is
      commensurate with experience.

      Send resume with salary history to: American Public Transportation
      Association Human Resources 1666 K Street Suite 1100 Washington, DC
      20006 or fax to: 202/496-4323 or email at: aptajobs@....



      Principals only

      URL www.apta.com



      Duties and Responsibilities

      WestStart-CALSTART has an immediate opening for a highly motivated
      Program Manager. This is an associate level position. The person would
      support a number of exciting advanced transportation technology

      Skills, Knowledge, and Attributes

      As a minimum, the candidate must have strong writing skills and a
      willingness to make presentations and work with diverse stakeholders.
      The candidate should also have the ability to think analytically and
      address technical subject matters. Last but not least, candidates must
      have a passion for the WestStart-CALSTART mission and be able to
      demonstrate standout levels of personal commitment, persistence, and

      Among other capabilities and attributes that WestStart-CALSTART is
      looking for in the Program Manager position are the following:

      * Support a number of diverse projects and work within a flexible team

      * Write and prepare high quality reports in a timely manner;

      * Take complex technical concepts and present them in a clear and
      compelling way to diverse audiences using websites, press releases,
      publications and presentations;

      * Competently represent WestStart-CALSTART at industry meetings and high
      profile events;

      * Demonstrate an ability to develop and build relationships with a wide
      array of stakeholders.

      The following skills and experience will be viewed favorably but are not
      required for the position:

      * An advanced degree;

      * Website familiarity and capabilities;

      * Ability to use statistical analysis tools; and

      * Specific expertise or familiarity with advanced transportation
      technologies and organizations;


      The open position is at WestStart-CALSTART's headquarters facility,
      which is located in Pasadena, California.


      WestStart-CALSTART provides a competitive salary that is typically
      higher than those provided by most non-profit organizations. The
      organization also offers a significant benefits package that includes a
      retirement plan as well as health, dental, and eye benefits.

      Who We Are

      WestStart-CALSTART's mission is to improve air quality, decrease
      dependence on foreign oil, and prevent global warming by acting as a
      catalyst for the development of commercially viable advanced
      transportation technologies, services, and systems. WestStart-CALSTART
      is the nation's leading organization working to accelerate the
      commercialization of clean, energy efficient transportation technologies
      and services. WestStart serves as a creative strategic broker to
      support its 115 member organizations.

      How to Apply for Employment:

      Applicants should send their responses in email form only and must
      include a cover letter explaining why they should be considered for this
      position and a resume. Salary history should also be included. The
      information should be sent via e-mail to: Monica Alcaraz at

      Principals only need apply. NO agencies need respond.


      (WE ACT)

      West Harlem Environmental Action (WE ACT), a 16-year old, non-profit
      environmental justice organization is seeking applications for a Project
      Coordinator to: coordinate the start up of the Harlem Waterfront
      Alliance - a non-profit entity composed of community groups,
      community-based institutions and stakeholders to oversee the management,
      maintenance and programming of the soon-to-be-constructed Harlem Piers
      waterfront park, and to coordinate a community-designed transportation
      plan for the site.

      Some Responsibilities of the Project Coordinator will Include:

      * Coordinate meetings with residents and stakeholders interested in the
      management, membership and programming of the park;

      * Educate the general public, media, public officials and residents on
      the importance of the Harlem Piers and other waterfront areas in
      Northern Manhattan;

      * Develop stewardship plan for youth and adults;

      * Coordinate community oversight during the construction of the Harlem

      * Develop cultivation events at the waterfront and assist in
      fundraising/proposal writing;

      * Coordinate a community-designed transportation plan for the waterfront

      * Research permitting issues


      * Three years experience in parks operations, advocacy, programming, or
      environmental education;

      * Solid writing and public speaking skills;

      * Experience in effective project management;

      * Fundraising experience;

      * Ability to communicate effectively in community and formal settings;

      * Knowledge of the parks / waterfront advocacy communities a plus;

      * Spanish proficiency is a plus.


      * Employer paid medical, dental, vision and life insurance.

      How to Apply:


      Send to berlinda@... or to Berlinda Durant, Attn. Waterfront Park
      Coordinator, 271 W. 125th Street, #308, NY, NY 10027. Telephone calls
      will not be accepted.

      Include cover letter, resume, three references, and day time contact

      People of color and Northern Manhattan residents are encouraged to apply



      Mass. Climate Action Network (MCAN) is a network of local groups acting
      to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our communities and the state.
      MCAN works both locally and at the state and regional levels to promote
      energy efficiency & renewable energy.

      Program Manager: Primary responsibility for working with MCAN's
      municipal-level community chapters, include assisting with their
      organizational development, educational programs, and advocacy efforts.
      The position will be one-half to three-quarters time.

      Specific Responsibilities:

      Support for local climate action groups:

      * Support existing local groups, through assisting them with outreach,
      program planning, educational efforts, and advocacy with municipal

      * Help local group efforts to promote energy efficiency in the
      residential, business, and government sectors.

      * Help with development of new local groups throughout the state

      * Assist with the writing and implementation of local climate action

      Education and Outreach

      * Promote renewable energy development, through sales of "green power"
      and other means

      * Help organize, along with consultant, the annual grassroots climate
      protection conference

      Administrative Support

      * Maintain MCAN web site, mailing list, and computer and paper files.

      * Assist in MCAN communications, through e-mails, web site, and written

      * Work with ad-hoc MCAN committees as they arise, such as on
      transportation efficiency

      * Assist Director with fundraising efforts, including grant-writing and
      mail appeals

      Additional Qualifications:


      * Passion for the cause of reducing GHG emissions and protecting human
      health and the environment from the impacts of climate change.

      * Demonstrated ability in grassroots organizing and program planning.

      * Enthusiasm for and ability to work with and motivate MCAN's grassroots

      * Experience and ability in planning local outreach, educational, and
      advocacy efforts.

      * Well organized, ability to keep track of and manage a variety of tasks
      and details.

      * Willingness to attend evening meetings on a regular basis.

      * Ability to understand and communicate the complexities of climate
      change and the policy issues associated with energy efficiency and
      renewable energy.

      * Ability to work both independently, and in cooperation with other
      staff and volunteers.

      * Capable in use of computer software, for writing, database management,
      budget planning, and basic updating of MCAN web site (web site
      development not expected).

      How to Apply:

      Please send a resume and cover letter by e-mail to: marc@...
      and to fgordon574@.... Resumes will be accepted until August 16.
      MCAN is an equal opportunity employer. If you have questions about the
      positions, please include them in the cover letter. For general
      information about MCAN, see our web site, www.massclimateaction.org.



      With the Big Dig winding down, where do we go from here?

      Transportation in Massachusetts should be convenient, environmentally
      sustainable, and friendly to our communities. If you'd like a career
      working to make transportation work in ways that are less centered on
      how to move cars around and more focused on how to move Massachusetts
      forward, read on.

      The Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group (MASSPIRG) is looking
      to hire an Environmental Lobbyist who will focus on transportation
      policy in Massachusetts, especially in the areas of public
      transportation and more sustainable vehicles.

      MASSPIRG has 50,000 citizen members, 23 college chapters, a staff of
      organizers and issue advocates, and a national lobbying office in
      Washington, D.C. to cover federal issues. With a 30-plus year history,
      MASSPIRG is well known for protecting the environment, fighting for
      consumers and making government and business more accountable from Cape
      Cod to the Berkshires.

      Job Description

      The Transportation Advocate with MASSPIRG will develop campaigns to make
      a difference on pressing issues such as: improving public transportation
      by watch-dogging the MBTA, getting automakers to use existing and new
      technology to clean up cars, and promoting public policy that encourages
      smart transportation planning and smart growth. We seek a talented
      individual who will bring creative ideas and gumption to the
      transportation challenges that face Massachusetts.

      On a day-to-day basis, the Transportation Advocate will do the

      Advocacy: Bring problems and solutions to the attention of
      decision-makers-including state legislators, the Executive agencies,
      transit agency staff and local officials.

      Campaign Strategy: Create a plan to win on our transportation campaigns;
      strategize to gain political support for our agenda through
      coalition-building, grassroots organizing, media publicity, endorsements
      and message development.

      Media Outreach: Serve as the public spokesperson for our transportation
      campaigns -through media events, press releases, editorial board
      meetings and other PR tactics.

      Fundraising: Write grant proposals, impress foundations to support our
      work, and meet with large donors, all to bring more resources to our
      efforts to improve transportation in Massachusetts.


      Boston, MA

      Salary and Benefits

      Salary for this position is commensurate with the relevant professional
      experience and/or advanced degrees that a candidate has. A competitive
      benefits package includes health care coverage, educational loan
      assistance, a retirement plan, and paid vacation and sick days.
      Opportunities for advancement, travel, and additional training are

      Additional Qualifications:

      Passion. Persistence. We're looking for a goal-driven and
      results-oriented individual who is committed to the public interest,
      someone with leadership skills and initiative, and the verbal and
      written skills necessary to make the case that convenient, efficient and
      sustainable transportation must be a top priority. Candidates should
      have 3 to 8 years of relevant professional experience, post-college,
      including (but not limited to) work in political, policy, legal,
      journalistic or government settings.

      How to Apply:

      Send a cover letter and resume to careers@... to apply.



      Trustees for Alaska, a non-profit, public interest environmental law
      firm, is seeking candidates for a full-time Staff Attorney position in
      Anchorage. Founded in 1974, Trustees provides legal counsel to national,
      regional and local conservation organizations, Alaska Native villages,
      and others on marine conservation, fisheries, oil and gas, clean air and
      water, transportation, and public lands issues. For further information
      about Trustees for Alaska, see <http://www.trustees.org/>.

      Additional Qualifications:

      An ideal candidate should have environmental litigation experience and a
      demonstrated commitment to environmental protection. Desired skills
      include creative thinking in problem-solving; excellent writing and
      analytical skills; ability to manage an active judicial and
      administrative environmental docket; effective legal research skills;
      ability to understand scientific principles and methods; demonstrated
      ability to handle a substantial workload as needed; high degree of
      professional integrity; courtesy and diplomacy in dealing with
      colleagues, clients, opposing counsel and government agencies.

      How to Apply:

      Send (email preferred) cover letter, resume, writing sample, transcripts
      and references to Megan Mcbride, mmcbride@..., Trustees for
      Alaska, 1026 W. 4th Ave, #201, Anchorage, AK, 99501. Fax: (907)276-7110



      Resource Media is a nonprofit communications organization dedicated to
      expanding and improving the quantity and quality of media coverage of
      environmental and public health issues. Our growing staff of 15 includes
      communications professionals, former journalists, and issue experts. We
      serve as a resource for journalists and nonprofit groups and new
      spokespeople on environmental issues. We have offices in Seattle, San
      Francisco, Portland, Boulder, and Kalispell, MT.


      Resource Media seeks a media relations expert with at least seven years
      of experience for its San Francisco office. Candidate should have
      experience building relationships and pitching stories with print,
      television, radio and online reporters. Past success in strategic
      communications and quick, news-style writing a must; experience as a
      legislative or political campaign press secretary a plus. Experience
      working with transportation issues both in California and nationally -
      fuel economy, air pollution, oil independence - also a plus.

      Job Duties:

      * develop and execute earned-media strategies;

      * help integrate media campaigns with the policy objectives of partner

      * develop and maintain strong ties to national and regional print,
      television, radio and online reporters, and strategically pitch stories
      about campaign issues to those reporters;

      * write news releases, advisories, statements, background briefings for
      reporters; and

      * support efforts by other Resource Media staff by offering ideas, help
      and support.

      This position reports to the RM Co-Director in a collaborative team
      atmosphere. Every staff member is fully involved in strategic planning
      of campaigns and the development of our organization. The position is
      available immediately.

      Salary up to $75,000, depending on experience. Resource Media is an
      equal opportunity employer and offers an excellent working environment
      and generous benefits, including employee health care, dependent health
      care, paid vacations and federal holidays.

      Please send resume, cover letter with salary requirements, and copies of
      at least two stories you helped create (along with the materials you
      used to pitch the story) to:

      Shannon O'Rourke

      SF-Media Relations Director Search

      1007 General Kennedy Avenue

      Suite 225, Mailbox #8

      San Francisco, CA 94129


      No calls, please.



      In the midst of a rapid wave of redevelopment projects and in advance of
      the 2005 municipal elections, the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance (MWA)
      is seeking an East River Advocate to research issues, conduct outreach,
      and develop an agenda with community, civic, political, environmental,
      labor, transit and business groups along the East River of New York
      City. Currently funded for two years, this position will come under the
      supervision of the Director and will have room for independent judgment

      * Research current and planned developments, quality of life issues and
      socioeconomic indicators, and analyze their impact on East River

      * Bolster MWA's current outreach along the East River, with particular
      attention to growing MWA's East River Network.

      * Work with the East River Network to design and advance an East River
      platform for the 2005 municipal elections and state and federal budget

      * Contribute regular articles on these efforts to MWA's print
      publications and electronic newsletter, Waterwire, and organize and
      convene public programs during the campaign.

      The Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance, a project of the Municipal Art
      Society of New York, is a network of more than 300 organizations
      dedicated to helping our region reclaim and reconnect to our greatest
      natural resource - the harbor, rivers and estuaries of the New York-New
      Jersey metropolitan area. MWA works through education, grassroots
      organizing and media advocacy to include the public's voice and values
      in the decision-making that will determine the future of our region's
      waterfront and waterways.

      MWA is a fast-paced organization. The desired candidate must have
      excellent writing and communication skills, a winning attitude and a
      sense of humor. Additionally, the candidate must have 2-to-4 years'
      experience working in community or political organizing, preferably in
      New York City. Although no formal planning background is required, basic
      knowledge of land use, preservation and waterfront zoning issues is
      desired. Candidate must be able to work a flexible schedule and attend
      meetings, frequently in the evening. GIS knowledge helpful, Spanish
      fluency preferred. Minority and women candidates are encouraged to

      How to Apply:

      Send resume and a writing sample to Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance,
      457 Madison Avenue, New York NY 10022, fax (888) 486-9688, email



      The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) is seeking applicants for
      an environmental justice attorney in its New York Urban Program.

      NRDC is a leading national, nonprofit environmental organization with
      over 550,000 members and offices in New York, Washington, DC, San
      Francisco and Los Angeles. Our staff includes lawyers, scientists, and
      analysts who work to protect the environment and public health through
      advocacy and education.

      In concert with our national advocacy agenda, NRDC staff have worked for
      over thirty years on environmental and public health issues in the New
      York metropolitan region. NRDC has focused on, among other things,
      improving the region's public transit system, combating air pollution
      problems, advancing recycling and waste reduction, cleaning up
      surrounding waterways, and protecting New York City's drinking water
      supply. On many of these issues, NRDC has worked with community groups
      in addressing environmental justice concerns.

      The new attorney will work with NRDC staff on environmental
      justice-related issues in the New York region. In particular, this
      position will focus on air quality and other public health issues. The
      new attorney will also participate in work on other regional matters
      that implicate environmental justice concerns. S/he will be expected to
      handle both policy and litigation matters, and should ideally have four
      to seven years relevant experience, including litigation work.

      We offer a salary commensurate with qualifications and experience,
      generous benefits and a dynamic, pleasant work environment. NRDC is
      committed to workplace diversity, and people of color are encouraged to

      How to Apply:


      Please send cover letter, resume, writing sample and references to:


      NY Environmental Justice Attorney Search

      40 West 20th Street

      New York 10011-4231,

      or by e-mail to HR@...

      Please submit application no later than September 24, 2004.



      The Galveston-Houston Association for Smog Prevention is seeking to hire
      one or more individuals who have skills in communications, regulatory
      policy and/or community organizing. If you are dedicated to making the
      Houston region a cleaner and healthier place to live, and have the
      skills to make a difference in a struggle with powerful opponents, we
      want to hear from you.

      GHASP is a nonprofit organization located in Houston, with a 15-year
      track record of advocacy for addressing the region's problems with air
      pollution. Historically a volunteer-based citizen group, GHASP has grown
      over the past several years to develop a full-time office. To learn more
      about GHASP, visit www.ghasp.org.

      For individuals interested in working on communications or regulatory
      policy, strong writing skills, talent with a range of typical office
      computer software programs, and the ability to learn about the
      complexities of air pollution issues are essential. We anticipate these
      individuals will have higher education credentials, but there are not
      any specific minimum standards. Individuals interested in communications
      should have prior media experience. Individuals interested in regulatory
      policy should also have some technical or legal background in air
      pollution or closely related issues.

      For individuals interested in community organizing, excellent
      communication and strong organizational and interpersonal skills are
      necessary. Strong preference will be given to individuals with a
      personal knowledge of existing civic organizations in areas of the
      Houston region affected by pollution. Spanish-language skills would be a
      strong asset. We will be most interested in individuals with a proven
      track record of working independently and delivering on projects.

      In addition to advocacy work, each employee will be expected to share in
      some administrative responsibilities. Relevant experience working for
      government or industry will be considered an asset in most instances.
      Positions can be full or part time and will involve some travel. All
      applicants must have a bachelor's degree and either two years work
      experience or a graduate degree.

      Salary offers will be commensurate with other non-profit advocacy
      organizations, which means that salary offers are not likely to be
      competitive with large corporations. Currently, GHASP does not offer
      benefits but will consider offering benefits as part of any hiring

      If you are interested in being considered for a position, please email
      your resume and a cover letter describing the type of work you would be
      most interested in doing and describing any original ideas you may have,
      to hiring@.... You will receive a reply confirming receipt of your
      materials and follow-up communication within six weeks of your email.

      Telephone inquiries are discouraged. Applicants requesting
      confidentiality may be assured that GHASP will handle inquiries with



      The Washington Regional Network for Livable Communities (WRN), a
      non-profit organization, seeks a self-motivated Program Assistant for a
      part time (20-30 hrs/week) position. WRN's goal is to create a network
      of walkable, bikeable communities linked by quality transit, laced with
      parks, and surrounded by greenspace, with the District of Columbia as
      the hub of the region. WRN helps urban communities capture the benefits
      of smart growth, with a focus on social equity. The Program Assistant
      will work closely with the Executive Director to provide substantive
      program and administrative support with the potential to focus on
      program activities of particular interest.

      The WRN Program Assistant is responsible for administrative and program

      Administrative Activities

      Support Executive Director, distribute event announcements, press
      releases and bi-monthly newsletter (electronically/faxed/mailed);
      schedule and follow-up on WRN meetings including meeting minutes,
      oversee the WRN office (office supplies, equipment, supplies of WRN
      information materials, etc.), update contact lists, process memberships,
      maintain membership and foundation databases, manage vendor accounts,
      update budget, use QuickBooks to do basic bookkeeping and tax form

      Fundraising Activities

      Assist Executive Director and Board in submitting grant proposals,
      organizing special events, send renewal notices and direct appeals.

      Program Activities

      contribute to writing and editing every other month newsletter and
      program publications, organize monthly public events, assist with media
      relations, support education & outreach efforts, update WRN website,
      respond to requests for information.


      * Commitment to WRN's mission

      * Excellent organizational skills

      * Self-motivation

      * Knowledge of Windows, the MS Office suite, QuickBooks and Macromedia

      * Strong writing skills, interpersonal communications skills and
      professional phone manner

      * Familiarity with transit-oriented development, new urbanism, smart
      growth/growth management concepts. Bachelor's degree, and course work in
      land use or urban planning or a related field.

      * Ability to work closely with and receive direction from the WRN Board
      and staff. Ability to work well with a variety of people and
      institutions - from neighborhood associations to government
      administrators and elected officials.

      * This position requires work during the day and some evenings, and a
      very occasional weekend.

      Additional Qualifications:

      About WRN: Promoting Smart, Equitable Growth, www.washingtonreion.net

      The Washington Regional Network for Livable Communities (WRN) regional
      vision is a network of diverse, walkable communities linked by transit,
      graced by parks, and surrounded by forests and farms, with the District
      of Columbia as the hub. Through education, outreach and policy advocacy,
      WRN promotes transportation investments, land use policies, and
      neighborhood designs that enhance existing communities and protect the
      environment. To realize our vision, we work in the following program

      Transit-Oriented Development (TOD): We promote thoughtful development
      around Metro stations to create lively, safe, diverse,
      pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods. Our community and decision-maker
      outreach efforts focus on helping stakeholders envision the potential
      benefits of change around specific eastside Metro stations, where
      neighborhoods suffering from years of disinvestment have much to gain
      from Metro-oriented revitalization. We work with residents and
      decision-makers to create small area plans, building designs, housing
      strategies and transportation investments that foster safe walking and
      bicycling routes, and better access to Metrorail. Recommended
      improvements to the pedestrian environment are now being pursued for our
      target stations: Fort Totten, Rhode Island Avenue, Minnesota Avenue, and
      Capitol Heights Metro station. These site-specific efforts bolster our
      broader policy reform agenda with local governments and the Washington
      Area Metropolitan Transit Authority (WMATA).

      Affordable Housing: Our distinctive contribution to D.C.'s Affordable
      Housing Alliance is land use and transportation policy expertise, and a
      regional perspective. Collectively, affordable housing advocates are
      gaining ground - securing full funding for the housing trust fund,
      making progress on inclusionary zoning, and advancing a comprehensive
      housing strategy for the city. This year, our publication Affordable
      Housing Progress Report helped inform activists and decision-makers
      about the need for a fair share of affordable housing across the region
      and the potential to adopt housing policies commensurate to the problem.

      Transportation: WRN advocates transportation investments that provide
      equitable access, less reliance on automobiles and improved air quality.
      We promote innovative parking and transportation demand management
      strategies, an essential component to making transit-oriented
      development a success. Keys to the solution are: parking pricing that
      reflects true costs, priority attention to pedestrians and bicyclists,
      and incentives to ride transit rather than drive. Our advocacy to hold
      down Metro fares and support for market-rate parking prices to balance
      Metro's budget helped contain increases in overall rider costs.

      Education: WRN's education efforts reach out to communities throughout
      the Washington region to promote understanding about how smart growth
      land use, urban design, housing and transportation policies can
      strengthen neighborhoods and the region. WRN's education efforts target
      civic activists, private and public sector professionals and leaders to
      encourage a lively exchange of information about TOD and smart growth
      principles and practices. This year, our four and five part forum series
      --"Housing for the City" and "Design Matters: Building Livability" --
      drew wide audiences to address critical smart growth issues with leading
      thinkers, elected officials and practitioners. Our bi-monthly Intersect
      newsletter also provides an important venue to reach over 1,000 local
      civic activists, public officials and professionals.

      How to Apply:

      Please e-mail cover letter, resume, and two writing samples to:



      Available in September 2004

      $10.05/hour (Soph/Jr) or $11.80/hour (Sr./Grad)

      24 hours maximum during school year

      40 hours maximum during summer session

      Flexible hours, occasional night meetings

      FT enrollment in degree program (required)

      General Assignment & Duties

      * Provide staff support to Carmichael & Arden-Arcade Community Action
      Plan Team

      * Prepare newsletters & meeting notes

      * Attend public meetings (occasional nights)

      * Other duties as required

      Desirable Skills, Knowledge & Abilities

      * Excellent written and verbal communication

      * Microsoft Office-Word, Excel, Power Point

      * Coursework in Public Policy, Community Development, Urban Design and
      Land Use Planning

      How To Apply

      Send cover letter and resume to (email preferred):

      Nedzlene Ferrario

      Planning & Community Develop. Dpt.

      Intern Program Coordinator

      827 7th Street Room 230

      Sacramento, CA 95814 Email: FerrarioN@...

      Tel: (916) 874-8371

      Fax: (916) 874-6400




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