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Urban Ecology Workshop on Smart Growth

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  • Dayana Salazar
    On December 8th, Urban Ecology is hosting a workshop on smart growth. You can register online by using the link below. See you there! Karen Kho Urban Ecology
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 27, 2001
      On December 8th, Urban Ecology is hosting a workshop on smart growth.
      You can
      register online by using the link below. See you there!

      Karen Kho
      Urban Ecology
      Sustainable Cities Program Director
      Smart Growth in Action:
      Supporting Good Development in Your Backyard

      Saturday, December 8, 2001
      10:00 AM- 3:00 PM
      Niles Hall, Preservation Park, Oakland

      Register at http://www.urbanecology.org/cities/cities.workshop.html, or
      calling 510-251-6330.

      Bay Area residents have demonstrated increasing support for urban growth

      boundaries to reign in sprawl development. But imposing growth
      without corresponding changes in local land uses simply cuts off land
      and drives up costs. While "smart growth" and "livable communities" have

      become popular buzzwords, the fact remains that land use policies that
      introduce higher densities, reduce the amount of land used for parking,
      move away from single-use zoning are highly controversial. Developers
      find it easier to build in greenfield areas than in vacant or underused
      in older neighborhoods.

      Urban Ecology is building an informed and effective constituency for
      growth. This one-day workshop will provide you with the tools to
      development projects for sustainable features and explain how to get
      in local land use issues.

      Workshop Program

      9:30-10:00 Registration

      10:00-10:30 Welcome & Overview
      Marci Riseman, Chairman, Board of Directors, Urban Ecology
      Rachel Peterson, Executive Director, Urban Ecology

      10:30-11:00 Project evaluation criteria
      Urban Ecology endorses development projects that provide environmental
      social equity benefits to the region. Learn to use the standards and
      checklist that UE has created to evaluate development projects in your
      communities. Look past the rhetoric about smart growth and see what
      some projects better than others.

      11:00-12:30 Case study: Small working groups
      Apply the evaluation criteria to a sample development project and
      whether you would support it. Discover the complexities and local
      that influence endorsements.

      Lunch provided

      12:30-1:00 Wrap-up Discussion
      Discuss how your group made tradeoffs among conflicting values and where
      drew the line in terms of supporting or opposing a project.

      1:00-1:30 How to be an effective advocate
      Doug Shoemaker, Non-profit Housing Association of Northern California
      The Non-Profit Housing Association has successfully advocated for
      housing in communities throughout the Bay Area. Find out what resources
      provide to debunk the myths of development. Learn from their extensive
      experience about the best strategies to use as an advocate for infill

      1:30-1:45 Break

      1:45-2:45 How to work with a developer
      Kathryn McCamant, McCamant & Durrett Architects
      Katie McCamant is an architect who works closely with both community
      and for-profit real estate developers, so she has learned to bridge both

      worlds. Find out what motivates developers and why they have an interest
      working with you. Learn how to get what you want by working effectively
      2:45-3:00 UE Resources/Closing
      Learn about the tools Urban Ecology has created to support land use
      and what we are developing next.
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