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Eco Design summer programs for students and faculty

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  • Dayana Salazar
    Eco Design summer programs for students/faculty/architects. Reply to SFIA@aol.com to request details. -- ECO WAVE 2004, Merritt College, Berkeley/Oakland,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 6, 2004
      Eco Design summer programs for students/faculty/architects.
      Reply to SFIA@... to request details.

      -- ECO WAVE 2004, Merritt College, Berkeley/Oakland, California,
      August, 5-8.  Third annual international conference on ecological
      design featuring work of James Wines, Ken Yeang, Renzo Piano,
      Morphosis, Eugene Tsui, Nadir Kalili, Phil Hawes of Biosphere 2,
      Jonathan Todd of Living Machines, and many others.
      Low student/faculty fees.

      -- San Francisco "ECO SUMMER CAMP" for design
      students and faculty, August 9-16, 2004.
      Up close and personal study of major ecological
      buildings and architect offices in San Francisco Bay Area.

      E C O   W A V E   2 0 0 4
      The Third Global Interdisciplinary Conference
      on the Next Great Wave in Architecture

      Thursday through Sunday, August 5-8, 2004
      Merritt College, Oakland/Berkeley, California
      Sponsored by the San Francisco Institute of Architecture

      Three days of extraordinary visual presentations, seminars,
      workshops, and exhibits on the most important architectural
      transformation of modern times.  Plus one optional day of
      self-guided tours to eco design showplaces of Northern California.

      -- Green Roofs -- Green Facades -- Green Cities
      -- A Revolution in Daylighting -- Double Skin Facades
      -- Bioclimatic Architecture
      -- A New Wave of Organic and Visionary Architecture

      -- Earth-Sheltered Construction
      -- Earthbag, Ceramic, and other Alternative Earth Construction
      -- Bamboo -- Straw Bale -- Wood Reclamation
      -- Zero Waste/Buildings that Recycle

      -- Alternative and Hybrid Concrete
      -- Papercrete, Woodcrete and Cardboard Construction
      -- Green Building Codes -- Green Construction Standards
      -- Green Specifications

      -- Passive Solar Heating -- Active Solar Air and Liquid Systems
      -- Hydronic Heating and Cooling       
      -- Integrated, Low-Cost Photovoltaics -- Wind Power
      -- Solar Cooling/Ground-Coupled Cooling

      -- Permaculture and Ecological Landscape Architecture
      -- Greenhouses for Climate Control and Waste Recycling
      -- Bioremediation and Living Machines -- Graywater Recycling
      -- Rainwater Capture -- Indoor Air Quality and Toxic Materials
      -- The New Building Envelope

      -- Urban Ecology -- Eco Tourist Facilities Design
      -- Eco Villages -- Co-housing
      -- Wetland and Creek Restoration

      Nearly 100 speakers from the U.S. and overseas -- including
      eco design leaders, authors, architects, builders, and educators.

      Confirmed keynote speakers include:
      -- Jonathan Todd -- Living Machines
      -- Richard Register -- EcoCities
      -- Dr. Eugene Tsui -- Evolutionary Architecture
      -- Philip Hawes, -- creator of Biosphere 2 and the Global Ecovillage

      Keynote speakers to be confirmed include:
      -- Nadir Khalili -- Cal-Earth
      -- James Wines -- SITE 
      -- Ken Yeang -- Bioclimatic Architecture

      Special reports on:
      -- Eco Design in Brazil (Curitiba,), China, Africa, Mongolia,
      Canada, Australia, United Kingdom
      -- Sim�n V�lez and the Bamboo revolution in Columbia
      -- Morphosis and the new green Federal Building in San Francisco
      -- Renzo Piano and the new San Francisco Academy
      of Sciences Building

      And many more to be announced.

      Students can earn up to 3 academic units for attendance
      plus a thesis project related to the conference.
      Architects earn up to 21 AIA health/safety/welfare CEU's.

      Copy and E-mail, fax, mail, or phone
      in the enrollment information below.
      AUGUST 5-8, 2004, Merritt College,
      Oakland/Berkeley, California
      Name (and title, if any):
      Affiliation (office or institution) if any:
      Students must include school name:
      Mailing address:
      Cell phone:
      E-mail address:
      __ $200 to June 25.   __ $250 June 26 to July 9.
      __ $300 July 10 to July 30.   __ $400 after July 30 and on site.
      __ $100 to June 25.   __ $125 June 26 to July 9.
      __ $150 July 10 to July 30.   __ $200 after July 30 and on site.
      Total fees: $ __________

      __ Check or M.O. payable to SFIA.
      __ Visa or MasterCard #
      Card expiration date:
      Cardholder's name:
      (Your credit card statement will show paid to "SFIA/Guidelines.")

      Confirmation, location maps, plus housing and transportation
      information will be sent upon enrollment.
      E-mail, fax, mail, or phone in your enrollment to:

      Information Office
      San Francisco Institute of Architecture
      Box 2590, Alameda, CA 94501
      Ph 510-523-5174
      Fax 510-523-5175

      100% refund or credit if you have to cancel up to 7 days prior to the
      conference. After that time there'll be a $20 cancellation fee.
      Cancellation during the conference will be refunded minus a prorata
      charge for the portion of the conference attended, and a $20
      cancellation fee.
      In the event of postponement of the conference for reasons beyond
      the sponsor's control, alternative conference enrollment or credit for
      ecological design educational videos, books, and study manuals
      will be provided.
      We'll have many excellent speakers on every aspect of ecological
      design, green building, and sustainable planning plus another a few hundred
      guests who will want to know about what you're doing.

      So let us know if you would like us to reserve some table display space
      for you.  No charge.  We'll send shipping details if you're interested.
      Also, if you'd like to have an afternoon seminar spot to describe your
      org, we can probably arrange that.  Let us know.

      Best wishes,
      Fred Stitt, Director
      San Francisco Institute of Architecture

      PS:  Even if you can't send literature, we would like to post some information
      and a web link to your organization.

      Reply to SFIA@..., to request details.

      Sponsored by San Francisco Institute of Architecture
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