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Trip to Cuba: Sustainable Communities and Economies, Oct 2004

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  • Dayana Salazar
    Grassroots Development: Sustainable Communities and Economies October 15- 24, 2004 Join Global Exchange on a special delegation co-sponsored with GEPROP in
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      Grassroots Development:
      Sustainable Communities and Economies

      October 15- 24, 2004

      Join Global Exchange on a special delegation co-sponsored with GEPROP in Cuba (Center for Management of Prioritized Projects and Programs) that focuses on sustainable community and economic development. This research delegation will look at ways that communities in Cuba and the U.S. make economic and community development more sustainable, which implies more locally based. Explore issues around the international economic marketplace and the nexus between development, environment and sustainability. Different visits and meeting will look at the following themes: renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, community health & education, and conservation of biodiversity.

      For more information, please contact Rachel at rachel@...  

      Sample Program Highlights:

      *    Meet with Cuban economists
      *    Meeting with a representative from local People's Power organization
      *    Visit community development projects, discuss with community members about local decision-making, both political and economic.
      *    Meeting with Economic Planning Ministry Rep.
      *    Meeting with MINVEC regarding foreign investment strategies, interest in the "environmental marketplace"
      *    Meeting with communities doing their own Fair Trade Certification work
      *    Visit a recycled paper-making plant
      *    Meet with ECOSOL, the domestic and international commercial arm of Cubasolar (solar energy)
      *    Visit Alamar urban garden (localizing food production)
      *    Province visit to Pinar del Rio: Las Terrazas reforestation project, Los Tumbos solar community, Coffee plantations and a Cigar factory.

      Cost: $ 1,850-$2,100 (price subject to variation. Please contact us.)

      How to Register:
      Please send your application and a non-refundable deposit of $200 two months before departure. Payments by Mastercard or Visa are welcome.

      This trip will be as diverse as possible in terms of race, age and life experiences. We strongly urge people of color to apply. In some cases, a limited number of partial scholarships are available for low-income applicants.

      Contact Rachel with any questions about this trip, or call toll-free 1-800-497-1994 ext. 354.

      Global Exchange supports the freedom to travel to Cuba, along with the freedom of information. We believe one of the most important tools in ending the embargo and travel ban against Cuba is by making complete and accurate information available to the U.S. Public. We are currently recruiting consultants to support our research and information gathering efforts in Cuba. You can be a part of supporting our efforts to make this much-needed information available to professionals, researchers, students and the general U.S. Public.


      October 15 to October 24, 2004
      Preliminary itinerary. Subject to change

      Friday, Oct 15

      Morning: Depart from Miami International Airport to Jose Marti International Airport in Havana. Introduction to program by Global Exchange representative.
      Afternoon:. Travel to Yaguajay community in Sancti Spiritu province.
      Evening: Dinner at the hotel in Yaguajay.

      Saturday, Oct 16

      Morning: Visit renewable energy installations at schools and medical clinics
      Afternoon: Visit local centers for organic agriculture, compost and other bi-products
      Evening: Meeting with local community members to discuss their development programs

      Sunday, Oct 17

      All Day: Visit to the area���s Biosphere Reserve to learn of conservation efforts and their relation to local development efforts of the community.
      Evening: Cultural event in the community of Yaguajay

      Monday, Oct 18

      Morning: Leave for Cienega de Zapata. Tour the Che Memorial on the way.
      Afternoon: Visit CITMA environmental center in Cienega de Zapata.
      Evening: Check into Playa Larga Hotel. Meet with local conservationists for dinner at the hotel

      Tuesday, Oct 19

      Morning: Visit local community of Cayo Ramona to learn of community health and water projects. Visit Bay of Pigs museum.
      Afternoon: Lunch at Guama. Visit crocodile conservation farm and aquaculture center. Return to Havana.
      Evening: Dinner at the hotel. Cultural option in Old Havana.

      Wednesday, Oct 20

      All Day: Participation in Colloquium on Sustainable Territorial Development. Discussions with colleagues and representatives on development programs and policies, both in the US and Cuba.
      Evening: Dinner with colleagues. Closing of the event.

      Thursday, Oct 21

      Morning: Visit to Scale Model of the City of Havana
      Afternoon: Lunch and tour in Old Havana with a leading Cuban architect and urban planner.
      Evening: Cultural option in Old Havana.

      Friday, Oct 22

      Morning: Visit to the Metropolitan Park Project of Havana���s urban watershed of the Rio Almendares to learn of urban conservation and restoration efforts, as well as urban environmental projects of reforestation, natural wastewater treatment and local economy.
      Afternoon: Visit to a Credit and Services Cooperative to learn of Havana���s methods of community development.
      Evening: Discussion with leading economist in Cuba on efforts to decentralize and localize the Cuban economy. Discussion of current economic problems and solutions.

      Saturday, Oct 23

      Morning: Visit to Alamar urban agriculture farm.
      Afternoon: Visit the Institute of Porcine Research and a biogas facility to learn of Cuba���s efforts to utilize this important waste resource for local energy needs.

      Sunday, Oct 24

      Morning: Closing meeting with Global Exchange representatives. Bus to airport
      Afternoon: Depart to Miami from Jose Marti International Airport
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