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Jobs in NYC - GIS/Database/Programming positions

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  • asha.weinstein@sjsu.edu
    ... The Community Mapping Assistance Project (CMAP) helps nonprofits and public service organizations leverage the value of geographic information systems
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 23, 2004
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      ----- Forwarded by Asha Weinstein/SJSU on 06/23/2004 09:50 AM -----

      The Community Mapping Assistance Project (CMAP) helps nonprofits and
      public service organizations leverage the value of geographic information
      systems (GIS) in achieving their missions. We are expanding our
      award-winning and highly valued online interactive mapping applications
      while continuing to provide printed maps and data analysis for our
      partners. We seek to fill key staff positions in this expansion.

      CMAP is a project of the New York Public Interest Research Group Fund,
      Inc. (NYPIRG). For more information about our work, visit http://www.nonprofitmaps.org

      We are seeking candidates for the following full-time positions.
      Candidates with skill sets and experiences in more than one of the
      following areas are also encouraged to apply. Additional requirements, as
      well as benefits, are listed at the end of this announcement.

      1) Spatial Database Administrator
      CMAP maintains more than 400 GB of vector and raster data used in our
      online mapping sites, as well as an internal network of almost 200 GB of
      spatial data. As the size of these data holdings grows, so does our need
      for better metadata management, backups, coordination, and storage. We are
      looking for an experienced spatial database administrator to manage this
      information using applications such as ArcSDE, SQL Server, ArcIMS, ArcIMS
      Metadata server, MapInfo Professional, and MapMarker Plus.

      Tasks include importing/exporting, deploying between production and
      development environments, spatially referencing data through geocoding and
      heads-up digitizing, analyzing data based on client/partner requests and
      formatting analysis results, processing data requests/updates, maintaining
      metadata, and keeping our data holdings up-to-date through regular
      requests to government, nonprofit, and private sources.

      2) Programming Associate
      The Programming Associate will work directly with CMAP's technology
      director to develop and enhance our web-based interactive mapping
      applications for nonprofit groups using ASP and .NET, Visual InterDev and
      SourceSafe, ArcIMS, ArcSDE, and SQL Server. Proficiency in HTML, XML, and
      Javascript also preferred.

      3) Network Support/Website Administrator
      The candidate will help manage CMAP's online mapping infrastructure that
      supports more than a dozen online mapping sites, web services for
      nonprofit partners, and CMAP's own website. This infrastructure includes:
      * a suite of integrated mapping and database applications;
      * a three-tier server platform and development environment running Windows
      * Internet connectivity provided through a T1 line;
      * network security provided by a firewall and enterprise-level anti-virus
      software; and
      * backup and disaster-recovery provided by a tape backup system and backup
      T1 line.

      Tasks include monitoring external and internal network traffic,
      troubleshooting to ensure a high level of up-time, providing regular web
      usage reports using WebTrends software, working with CMAP's technology
      director to manage deployment tasks, and coordinating with NYPIRG's
      network administrator and NYPIRG's telecommunications service provider.
      Preference will be given to candidates with GIS experience.

      4) Community GIS Specialist
      CMAP provides mapping and spatial analysis services for several nonprofit
      organizations at any given time. We use primarily ESRI and MapInfo
      software, and often work with our partner organizations to obtain or
      create data in GIS formats. We provide consulting services to educate our
      partner groups about GIS and the power of mapping for their work, how to
      access free or low-cost GIS resources, and how to use GIS in the most
      productive ways.

      Tasks for this position include managing multiple GIS projects, acting as
      a consultant and educator for each client's/partner's staff, developing
      effective spatial displays of information, analyzing data using ArcGIS and
      its extensions, coordinating computer and printing supplies for these
      projects, and interacting with graphic designers to incorporate our maps
      into other publications. Candidates with graphic and website design skills
      are preferred, as are candidates who can design maps for interactive

      * Bachelor's degree or greater, or equivalent professional experience;
      * proficiency in Windows operating environments and basic office
      productivity software;
      * an interest and ability to work in a team environment, while also having
      the motivation of a self-starter;
      * solid written and oral communication skills; and
      * familiarity and background working for and with nonprofits and/or the
      public sector.

      CMAP's work is rewarding, helping nonprofits preserve the environment,
      provide for the stewardship of open space resources, protect consumers,
      and improve and enhance health and human services, transportation, arts
      and culture, education, and community and neighborhood development. We
      provide a dynamic professional environment. It is demanding, but provides
      a unique experience that few other organizations offer.

      Employment at CMAP also provides:
      * a competitive nonprofit salary;
      * excellent medical, dental, and vision insurance plans with minimal
      employee contributions;
      * a 401(k) plan available after 12 months employment; and
      * vacation time commensurate with employment, plus flexible personal/sick
      day policies.

      TO APPLY
      Submit cover letter with resume, letter(s) of recommendation, and salary
      requirements to:
      CMAP Jobs
      c/o NYPIRG CMAP
      9 Murray Street
      New York, NY 10007
      or 212-349-1366 (Fax)
      or cmapjobs@...

      No calls please.
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