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San Francisco Demographic Analysis Workshop (June 29 - July 1)

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      Subject: San Francisco Demographic Analysis Workshop (June 29 - July 1)

      San Francisco Demographic Analysis Workshop Announcement - One Day Workshop
      When: June 29th, 30th and July 1, 2004 (Choose one day)
      Where: M/UX Computer Training Facility 180 Montgomery, 16th Fl, San Francisco,
      CA 94105
      Fee: $225 for credit card at the time of sign up, $249 regular price

      How To Register? Register online at www.sgtinfo.com or call us toll free at 877-241-6576.
      The San Francisco Demographic Analysis Workshop will teach you to
      extract, query, download, analyze, and map Census demographic data for San
      Francisco and surrounding communities. Such data can provide grant
      writers, social researchers and community planners with powerful tools for
      analyzing community changes.

      This workshop also provides an introduction to geographic information
      systems (GIS) which includes an overview of GIS trends and common uses,
      where to easily obtain mapping files for San Francisco, a demonstration of
      the map browser ArcExplorer (included with your materials), hands on
      practice making basic maps online and suggestions for making effective
      maps. This is a streamlined, "hands on" workshop where each participant
      works on his or her own computer throughout the day.
      See a detailed description & agenda
      Materials include: A comprehensive workbook that includes the workshop presentation,
      exercises, reference materials and a valuable Demographic Data Resource
      CD. This CD includes useful GIS tools such as ArcExplorer and several
      shapefiles for all communities in the United States. Also included is the
      2003 US Statistical Abstract, which includes an extensive selection of
      statistics for the United States, with selected data for states,
      metropolitan areas and cities.
      This workshop will:
      Teach you to extract, query, download, analyze, map and present 2000-1990
      Census and 2002 American Community Survey data that includes Poverty,
      Race/Ethnicity, Age, Housing, Language and Transportation;
      Teach you to construct a Local Community Change Profile. The Profile is
      comprised of key demographic variables and customized for San Francisco
      and a Census tract within San Francisco (participants may also substitute
      their own community);
      Teach you analytical, demographic and spatial analysis techniques
      including commonly used mathematical formulas to transform raw data into
      compelling information;
      Teach you about Census geography including common problems such as working
      with non-Census boundaries, analyzing change over time despite boundary
      changes and how to use new mapping functionality recently built in to
      American Factfinder;
      Provide you with exceptional materials that you can use immediately to
      assist with social research and analysis.

      View More Participants' Comments:

      City and County of San Francisco, Department of Health, San Francisco, CA
      "This was a great class! Lots of useful information and resources."

      City of Berkeley, San Francisco, CA (2003)
      "This was a great learning experience. I am taking this information back
      to work!"

      County of Santa Clara, San Francisco, CA (2003)
      "Excellent one day course. I learned to navigate my way through Census

      The Sacramento Police Department, San Francisco, CA (2003)
      "Great class. It was much more interesting than I thought it would be and
      I highly recommend it to other analysts."

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