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Designing with the Environment in Perspective: Examining the Role of the University, May 28

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    ... Designing with the Environment: A Portland Way? Forum on Sustainability and the Economy Free event sponsored by the New Economy Observatory at the
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      ----- Forwarded by Asha Weinstein/SJSU on 05/18/2004 11:06 AM -----

      "Designing with the Environment: A Portland Way?"
      Forum on Sustainability and the Economy
      Free event sponsored by the New Economy Observatory at the Institute of
      Portland Metropolitan Studies, School of Urban Studies and Planning,
      Portland State University

      Please join us for the last in a special series of Forums on sustainable
      development in the Portland region entitled "Designing with the
      Environment: A Portland Way?" underwritten by an Environmental
      Partnership Program grant from the Port of Portland. During April and
      May this four-part series has analyzed the art, science, politics,
      policy, and bottom-line financial realities of designing buildings,
      businesses, public institutions, and communities with the environment in
      mind. Please drop us a line at imsforum@...
      <mailto:imsforum@...> if you would like to receive e-mail
      notifications about future events.

      This event will be held on Friday, May 28, from 3-5 pm at PSU's Urban
      Center, 506 SW Mill Portland, Room 204. (Campus map at this link
      http://www.pdx.edu/campus/) It will also be broadcast live on the web at
      http://www.media.pdx.edu (click on Distance Learning Center Stream #1 or
      #2). On-line viewers may participate in real time, submitting questions
      via email to imsforum@... <mailto:imsforum@...> . The series
      will be archived on the website of the Institute at
      http://www.upa.pdx.edu/IMS/about/events.html .

      "Designing with the Environment in Perspective: Examining the Role of
      the University"
      May 28
      Keynote Address: Dean Nohad Toulan, College of Urban and Public Affairs,
      Portland State University
      Panelists: Loren Lutzenhiser, School of Urban Studies and Planning, PSU
      (Moderator); Rob Bennet, City of Portland, Office of Sustainable
      Development, Green Building Program; Pedro Ferbel-Azcarate, City Repair;
      Judy Walton, Education for Sustainability West; Greg Wolf, National
      Policy Consensus Center, PSU

      Portland State University's motto "Let Knowledge Serve the City" has
      placed it at the heart of the Portland's postwar development. PSU
      provides not only a place for dialogue about urban issues and a
      constantly-replenished pool of graduates eager to be a part of making
      their region a great place to live, but also has provided the
      intellectual infrastructure---analytical capacity and staff and
      expertise---for a range of programs. Dean Nohad Toulan, one of the
      Northwest's foremost planners, will share the institutional memory of
      these activities and draw on his international experience as he
      summarizes the series and presents a context for us to reflect on
      whether there is a Portland Way for "Designing with the Environment."
      This will be followed by a roundtable discussion among faculty involved
      in researching aspects of sustainability and public officials and
      community representatives involved in implementing programs and bringing
      sustainability to the grassroots.

      Website Update
      Also please visit our new archive page with past forums arranged by
      topic (Environment, Economy, Equity, Regional Planning) located at
      <http://www.upa.pdx.edu/IMS/about/events.html> .

      Among the highlights in the archive you'll find--- "adidas Village: From
      Hospital to Corporate Headquarters" (May 23, 2003) Eric Cugnart,BOORA
      Architects; "Portland's Creative Class: The Young and the Restless" (
      April 25, 2003) Joe Cortright, economist, and a panel of young
      creatives; "Whatever happened to Equity Planning?" (June 2, 2003) Norman
      Krumholz and the late Ernie Bonner; "Regional Scenario Planning for
      Portland . . . and Los Angeles?" (September 26, 2003) John Fregonese,
      Fregonese Calthorpe Associates.
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