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Pacific Energy Center Classes

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      04/13/2004 08:41 AM

      To: "Foster, Michael" <Michael.Foster@...>
      Subject: Pacific Energy Center Classes

      This email is a notice about upcoming classes offered by the City of San
      Jose and the Pacific Energy Center on energy-efficient design strategies

      To register for this class or to get a complete list of our Spring 2004
      offerings go to <outbind://20/www.pge.com/pec/classes>

      ***PLEASE NOTE****: Due to funding issues, food and beverages will not be
      provided this semester. It is permissible to bring in food/drinks for all
      remaining classes. There is a shopping center with a Starbuck's and
      near IBEW. The shopping center is on Curtner Ave and Almaden Rd, one exit
      past Canoas Garden.


      Thursday, April 29, 9:00 am to 4:30 pm

      At the IBEW Meeting Hall, 2125 Canoas Garden Rd., San Jose

      Darren Bouton will cover the fundamentals of photovoltaic systems,
      the benefits and costs associated with PV, financial incentive programs,
      case-study examples for system siting, sizing, and design issues. He will
      discuss residential and commercial PV applications.

      This program qualifies for 6 AIA Continuing Education learning units.



      Thursday, May 6, 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

      At the IBEW Meeting Hall, 2125 Canoas Garden Rd., San Jose

      Josh Plaisted of Kineo Design Group covers the many applications of solar
      low and medium temperature water heating. These applications range from
      residential domestic water heating to commercial pool heating and space
      conditioning. The primary focus will be on those applications with good
      paybacks that can be readily implemented in new or existing buildings.

      This program qualifies for 2.75 AIA Continuing Education learning units.

      Michael Foster, LEED AP
      City of San Jose
      Green Building Program
      ph: (408) 277-4670
      fax: (408) 277-3606
      email: michael.foster@... <mailto:michael.foster@...>
      website: http://www.ci.san-jose.ca.us/esd
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