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NorCal Solar News - April 2004

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  • Dayana Salazar
    IN THIS ISSUE (April 2004): - From NorCal Solar s President - Calendar 2004 Green Design and Living Fair, Redwood City, CA, April 3 Wind Energy Hands-on
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      IN THIS ISSUE (April 2004):

      - From NorCal Solar's President
      - Calendar 2004   
           Green Design and Living Fair, Redwood City, CA, April 3
           Wind Energy Hands-on Workshop, Firebaugh, CA, April 3-4
           Renewable Energy/Solar Happy Hour, April 8, Berkeley area
           Grid-Tied Solar-Electric (PV) Design/Installation, Guemes Island,
      WA, April 8-10
           Women�s Renewable Energy Hands-on Workshop, Firebaugh, CA, April
           Homebuilt Wind Generators, Guemes Island, WA, April 12-17
           PV Systems Workshop, San Diego, April 16-17
           Women�s PV Hands-on Workshop, Firebaugh, CA, April 17-18
           SolFest Southwest, Scottsdale, AZ, April 17-18
           Introduction to Renewable Energy, Guemes Island, Washington, April
           Wind Energy Hands-on Workshop, Firebaugh, CA, May 1-2
           Veggie Oil Generator Hands-on Workshop, Firebaugh, CA, May 8-9
           Solar Thermal Energy Hands-on Workshop, Firebaugh, CA, May 15-16
           Lifestyle of the Foothills: Eco-Home and Garden Tour, Auburn, May
           Solar Radiant Heating Hands-on Workshop, Firebaugh, CA, May 22-23
           Veggie Oil Generator Hands-on Workshop, Firebaugh, CA, June 5-6
           Wind Energy Hands-on Workshop, Firebaugh, CA, June 12-13
           Solar Energy Hands-on Workshop, Firebaugh, CA, June 26-27
           Annual National Solar Conference, Portland, OR, July 11-14
           SolWest Renewable Energy Fair, John Day, OR, July 23-25
           SolFest, Solar Living Center, Hopland, CA, Aug 21-22
      -  Ongoing
           Sustainable Building Tours, Los Altos Hills
           Classes by SEI, Solar Energy International
           Bay Area colleges
           Solar Living Institute Classes
           Distance Learning Opportunities
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      and are not yet a
                member, consider joining us to support our educational and
      outreach efforts. 
      Thank you! More info toward the end of this newsletter.


      Hello All!

      First, apologies for not sending this newsletter for a while; we had a
      glitch with Topica.

      Second, there is no scarcity of events and classes on renewable energy;
      the monthly calendar keeps getting longer! We haven�t even listed Earth
      Day fairs � but you can find your local event by searching under
      Groups/Events at www.earthday.net.

      If you like to track environmental news, and you�d like it served up
      with some humor, check out the Daily Grist, www.gristmagazine.com/grist/.
      (Though the news some days is disheartening, there�s at least a chuckle
      here and there from the talented folks at Grist.)

      In my day job in energy efficiency, I�m getting involved in efficiency
      matters related to windows, skylights, and �cool roofs� (roofing
      materials that help keep out the sun�s heat � meant to reduce air
      conditioning loads in summer). I�m also seeing more and more awareness of green
      building practices. If you don�t know about the northern California
      chapter of Architects, Designers, and Planners for Social Responsibility,
      they have a terrific email list server (join it by sending email to
      adpsrmail@...) � or visit www.adpsr-norcal.org.

      Yours for a greener and cleaner future,
      Elaine Hebert, NorCal Solar President
      (no Debra Kiefel, Volunteer E-news Compiler, this month; hopefully next

      SAT., APRIL 3, 2004 - The Fourth Annual Green Design Expo
      10 am to 4 pm, $17 at the door
      Ca�ada College, 4200 Farm Hill Blvd in Redwood City
      Speakers and Topics Will Focus on Green Living

      This is an exciting showcase of green products, meant to educate
      current and future interior design professionals who specify products. Great
      opportunity for active and passive solar people to network and promote
      solar business as well.

      For more information, contact Ellyn Dooley at (650) 631-5788 or e-mail
      April 3 - 4 - Wind Energy Hands-on Workshop, Mercey Hot Springs,
      Firebaugh, CA
      (Central Valley Hills near Los Banos)
      Learn by day, soak by night! Off-grid rustic, quiet hot springs
      �resort� is upgrading its
      renewable energy electricity and thermal systems in a series of weekend
      hands-on workshops. Details at www.merceyhotsprings.com; register at
      209/826-3388 or michael@.... Each class combines
      classroom learning and hands-on play. Two days, $175; check with Mercey for
      meal plans, cabins, and camping.

      Renewable Energy/Solar Happy Hour - April 8, Berkeley area
      6:30 - 8:30 pm, check Zach�s website for location details
          Hear a speaker on solar then spend time meeting folks
      and networking.
      Organized by Zach Nobel, zach@...
      April 10-11, Renewable Energy Hands-on Workshop, Mercey Hot Springs,
      Firebaugh, CA � Covers wind, solar electric, solar thermal, geothermal,
      and veggie oil as fuel.
      See the April 3-4 workshop above for more info; details at

      Solar Energy International (SEI) is presenting three workshops in
      Washington state in April, 2004:

      Thursday-Saturday, April 8-10  Tuition: $350
      Grid-Tied Solar-Electric (PV) Design and Installation
      Learn to use batteryless solar-electric technology on-grid!
      Classroom sessions, tours, and complete installation

      Monday-Saturday, April 12-17  Tuition: $600
      Homebuilt Wind Generators
      How to build wind generators-from scratch! Classroom and shop sessions
      Instructor: Hugh Piggott, Scoraig Wind Electric, Scoraig, Scotland

      Sunday, April 18  Tuition: $75, Spouse/SO 1/2 price
      Introduction to Renewable Energy
      Overview of solar, wind, and water power
      Classroom sessions & system tours

      Classroom sessions will be held at Guemes Island Community Center,
      Guemes Island, Washington

      Register through SEI in Colorado (contact info below). See SEI's
      cancellation policy and other details at
      http://ncsea.c.topica.com/maab6k3aa5DOqa4JSP5b/ before you register.

      Lodging and logistics information for the workshops is available upon
      SolFest Southwest
      April 17th and 18th, 2004, WestWorld in Scottsdale, AZ.
      For information   www.solfestsouthwest.org

      April 17-18, Women�s PV Hands-on Workshop, Mercey Hot Springs,
      Firebaugh, CA

      May 1-2, Wind Energy Hands-on Workshop, Mercey Hot Springs, Firebaugh,

      May 8-9, Veggie Oil Generator Hands-on Workshop, Mercey Hot Springs,
      Firebaugh, CA

      May 15-16, Solar Thermal Energy Hands-on Workshop, Mercey Hot Springs,
      Firebaugh, CA

      See the April 3-4 workshop above for more info, and details are at

      May 16 - Lifestyles of the Foothills--Eco Home and Garden Tour.
      Sunday, May 16 (10 a.m. - 3 p.m.)

      Tour six homes in the Auburn area that feature the most cutting-edge
      green building products and energy efficiency technology. Tour features
      solar-powered homes, straw-bale home construction, yurt construction,
      concrete homes, herb gardens, and deer-resistant, native, and natural
      landscaping. Location: Tour begins at the Live Oak Waldorf School, 410
      Crother Road, Meadow Vista, CA.

      Cost: $15 per person, children under 12 free. Sponsor:
      Benefits the Live Oak Waldorf School, a non-profit organization. 
      Reserve tickets at (530) 878-8720. For more information visit
      May 22-23, Solar Radiant Heating Hands-on Workshop, Mercey Hot Springs,
      Firebaugh, CA

      June 5-6, Veggie Oil Generator Hands-on Workshop, Mercey Hot Springs,
      Firebaugh, CA

      June 12-13, Wind Energy Hands-on Workshop, Mercey Hot Springs,
      Firebaugh, CA

      June 26-27, Solar Energy Hands-on Workshop, Mercey Hot Springs,
      Firebaugh, CA

      Learn by day, soak by night! Details at www.merceyhotsprings.com (also
      see the April 3-4 workshop above for more information)
      Annual National Solar Energy Conference
      July 11-14, 2004, Portland, OR - American Solar Energy Society
      "A Solar Harvest: Growing Opportunities"
      The call for papers is out and abstracts were due by December 2;
      college student contest abstracts are due March 16. Volunteers needed for the
      conference - get in free! Contact ASES.


      SolWest Renewable Energy Fair
      July 23, 24 and 25, 2004, Grant County Fairgrounds, John Day, OR.
      Admission includes 50 free workshops on both off-grid and
      grid-intertied renewable energy (RE) and sustainable
      living topics. Over fifty exhibitors show tools for energy and
      self-reliance, including solar, wind, biofuels and agricultural
      A special exhibit and keynote this year cover 50 years of solar
      An Electrathon race highlights efficient, lightweight vehicle
      Cost is $5 per adult per day, with weekend, youth, and senior
      Discounts. Volunteers and children under 12 free. Camping is
      available (free for volunteers).

      Contact: Jennifer Barker, SolWest/EORenew
      PO Box 485. Canyon City, OR 97820
      phone 541-575-3633


      SolFest - 9th Annual Event
      August 21st and 22nd, 2004, at the Solar Living Center in Hopland, CA.
      More info at www.solfest.org


      Sustainable Building Tours at Hidden Villa
      26870 Moody Road, Los Altos Hills
      First Sunday of the month, January - June, 2004 3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
      $7 in advance, $10 at the door
      Come see the newest buildings at Hidden Villa - featuring solar
      electricity and hot water, a geothermal heat pump, passive solar design, straw
      bale and rammed earth construction and more. The tour lasts 1 � hours
      and is not recommended for children under 12. Cost is $7 per person in
      advance and $10 at the door. For more information, call 650-949-8653 or

      Solar Energy International workshops and classes
      or call 970-963-8855 (Colorado)

      Diablo Valley College, Pleasant Hill
      www.dvc.edu/schedule/ (under Spring 2004, select Schedule of Classes
      or Course Descriptions; in the drop-down subject menu, select Alternate
      Energy Technologies). For info and registration call 925/685-1230 x

      Solar Living Institute
      www.solarliving.org for more details.

      Professional Education (Distance Learning)

      SEI   http://ncsea.c.topica.com/maab6k3aa5DOra4JSP5b/
      SolEnergy  http://ncsea.c.topica.com/maab6k3aa5DOsa4JSP5b/

      Expert professional education in sustainable  - green - ecological
      architecture.  Start at any time. Convenient self-study through
      learning. Master of Ecological Design degree program.
      See "Eco Distance Learning" at www.SFIA.net.
      San Francisco Institute of Architecture
      Is this newsletter helpful? Let us know one way or the other.

      You�re on this email list either because you�re a dues-paying member of
      the Northern California Solar Energy Association, or, you signed our
      mailing list at an event we attended. (Or, you�re a solar �bozo� like us
      and we added you.) You can add or remove your email address from the
      list any time, but we hope you�ll stay. And we hope you�ll become a
      member if you�re not already! Help support sending us to fairs, organizing
      events, distributing our Solar Energy Resource Guide (FREE if you don�t
      have one already), putting on the solar home tours in October, and
      celebrating solar at (what we hope will be) our yearly party. You can
      become a member at the Join/Give section of www.norcalsolar.org via PayPal
      or by mailing us a check.

      Comments, questions, or kudos can be sent to info@....
      THANK YOU!
      - Elaine

      See our homepage www.norcalsolar.org

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