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Paid Internship in Affordable Housing

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      03/19/2004 11:19 AM

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      Subject: Paid Internship in Affordable Housing

      The City of Palo Alto is seeking an urban planning graduate student
      interested in affordable housing, and inclusionary housing in particular,
      to work as part of a staff and consultant team on a comprehensive analysis
      and revision to the City's Below Market Rate Housing Program. Besides the
      value of the research tot he City, we believe the research to be conducted
      offers potential topics for papers and a thesis.

      Job announcement and online application at http://www.cityofpaloalto.org/hr/positions/1076.html

      We have posted the position on the SJSU MURP egroup forum but we would
      also appreciate your assistance in getting the word out to graduate
      students who would be especially interested and have the appropriate mix
      of skills. Thank you.

      Jennifer Coile
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