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Affordable Housing Paid Internship - Palo Alto - Available Now

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    Affordable Housing Paid Internship - Palo Alto - Available Now The City of Palo Alto is beginning a major study of its 30-year old Below Market Rate (BMR)
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      Affordable Housing Paid Internship - Palo Alto - Available Now

      The City of Palo Alto is beginning a major study of its 30-year old
      Below Market Rate (BMR) inclusionary housing program. The City is
      seeking a planning graduate student to work part-time on a temporary,
      hourly basis to assist with the study. The job is ideal for a MUP
      student interested in affordable housing and inclusionary zoning,
      especially someone looking for a topic for their planning report or
      thesis. The intern will be supervised by Julie Caporgno, Advance
      Planning Manager of the City's Planning Department, but will work on
      a regular basis under the direction of Jennifer Coile, project
      manager for the BMR Study. The intern will also work closly with the
      City's Housing Coordinator and our local non-profit housing
      developer - Palo Alto Housing Corporation (PAHC). The City has just
      concluded an RFP process to select a outside consultant to do the
      major work of the study. PAHC - the City's contract administrator
      for many aspects of the BMR program, will also be heavily involved in
      the BMR Study.

      Hours will be variable and can be adjusted to fit the intern's class
      schedule. We need someone who can work from 10 to 30 hours per week,
      with an average of about 20 hours per week. We would like the intern
      to start work as soon as possible. Some work will be in the field -
      throughout the City, some at PAHC offices and at City Hall (both in
      downtown Palo Alto).

      The position is classified as a "Professional II - Temporary
      position" and the salary range is $13.76 to $17.18 depending on prior
      experience. No City benefits will be provided. We do not yet have a
      final work plan and schedule for the Study, but the work may extend
      for six months - through the end of summer 2004.

      Desirable Skills: Ability to organize information, files and data
      accurately and completely; understanding of statistical analysis,
      real estate terms, title reports and legal agreements; ability to
      work independently in the field, and to take digital photos.
      Proficiency in Excel and Access database manipulation is important
      and a California driver's licenses is required. Interest in, and
      some knowledge of, local affordable housing programs is a plus.

      For a full job description & duties see the City's web site at:
      [select departments; human resources/job openings]
      For more information contact: Jennifer Coile, Contract Planner at:
      (650) 329-2170 or (831) 801-6738 or e-mail: planner@...

      A description of the City's BMR program can be found at:

      and at


      The position is open until filled. Application may be made online via
      the Human Resources web site listed above.
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