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Job Announcement: Zoning Technician - City of Burlingame

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  • Dayana Salazar
    from http://www.burlingame.org/personnel/jobs/job60.htm The City of Burlingame invites qualified candidates to apply for the position of: Zoning Technician
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2004
      The City of Burlingame invites qualified candidates to apply for the       
      position of:                                                               
      Zoning Technician                                                          
      SALARY RANGE: $4,391 - $5,323                                              
      The Zoning Technician is the entry-level position in the Planning          
      Department. The Zoning Technician works under the supervision of the       
      Planner and City Planner.                                                  
      ESSENTIAL DUTIES                                                           
      Checks plans for conformance with regulations and works at the counter
      on the telephone with the public interpreting zoning, sign and other
      requirements. Job assignments include writing staff reports,
      collecting and
      analyzing data, preparing graphics and illustrations, processing           
      applications, preparing environmental assessments, preparing public
      and implementing legal procedures, code enforcement, reviewing
      license and home occupation permits, and data collection and analysis.     
      ESSENTIAL REQUIREMENTS                                                     
      Knowledge of:                                                              
      Use of architect and engineering scales; modern office procedures and
      clerical skills; basic arithmetic and geometry; word processing on a       
      computer and typing; non-technical writing and good grammar;
      statistics and
      simple data manipulations.                                                 
      Ability to:                                                                
      Read and understand architectural and engineering plans and diagrams;      
      research and write accurate reports and memoranda; understand and
      adopted city policies and codes in evaluating projects and issues;
      file, and have an aptitude for operating office machines; speak and
      clear and concise English                                                  
       Ability to type at least 30 wpm; prepare correspondence; use word         
      processing and other programs on a computer; prepare graphic
      in the form of maps, charts, and graphics; ability to learn GIS map
      and use microfiche machines.                                               
      Possession of a valid Class C California operator's license issued by
      Department of Motor Vehicles.                                              
      Education & Experience:                                                    
      Sufficient education and experience to satisfactorily perform the
      duties of
      the classification which is typically graduation from a 4-year college
      a major in planning, English, or related field and at least one year's     
      experience in planning, engineering, architect, or service business is     
      SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS                                                       
      Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with
      in various disciplines; be calm in stressful situations; ability to be     
      tactful and diplomatic in dealing with the public; ability to sit at a
      and stand at a counter for long periods of time; ability to climb,
      and crawl on site inspections; and ability to see and hear well enough
      perform the above duties.                                                  
      SALARY & BENEFITS                                                          
      The monthly salary range for this position is: $4391?$5323                 
             PERS Retirement System, 2% @ 55 plan. Employee pays 7% PERS.
             Survivor Benefit Program.                                            
             CalPERS Health Plan. City pays employee's contribution and all       
             dependents to a planned maximum of $795 per month.                   
             City paid Dental & Vision Reimbursement Plans                        
             Life Insurance?Term policy for $75,000 ? City pays premium           
             14 holidays per year                                                 
             Vacation ? 2 weeks after one year, 3 weeks after five years;
             after fifteen years of service.                                      
             Deferred compensation plans available ? City matches employee        
             contribution to a maximum of $30 per biweekly pay period.            
             Vacation is 2 weeks after one year; 3 weeks after five years; 4
             after fifteen years of service.                                      
             Credit Union available                                               
             Employee Assistance Program                                          
             Discount rates for City Recreation Classes.                          

      Recruitment Tentative Timeline:                                            
             1st round of interviews week of: 4/12                                
             2nd round of interviews week of: 4/29                                
             Reference background week of: 5/2                                    
             Start date: 7/1                                                      
             Probationary period: 12-months     

      Dayana Salazar, Interim Chair
      Urban and Regional Planning Department
      San Jose State University
      (408) 924-5854

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