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GIS job with Nelson/Nygaard - San Francisco

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  • asha.weinstein@sjsu.edu
    ... GIS-Planning Specialist Nelson Nygaard Consulting Associates has an immediate opportunity for an experienced GIS professional with experience in
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 19, 2004
      ----- Forwarded by Asha Weinstein/SJSU on 02/19/2004 01:48 PM -----

      GIS-Planning Specialist

      Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates has an immediate opportunity for an
      experienced GIS professional with experience in transportation planning
      and/or other urban planning disciplines.

      This position will work as part of the GIS-Planning Group, an
      interdisciplinary group of staff skilled in transportation planning, GIS
      mapping and analysis, and map design. For each project, the GIS-Planning
      Specialist will work with others on staff to determine the best analytical
      and presentation techniques to address project needs. Using ArcView 8x,
      GIS-Planning Specialist will conduct analyses and develop high quality
      for reports and presentations for transportation-related projects. While
      some maps may be simple analysis tools in ArcView 8x, others may be quite
      complex, presenting many different types of data across large urban and
      rural areas. Adobe Illustrator is used to develop publication-quality
      Possible applications include basic mapping of population densities,
      path analysis for bus service planning, the potential impacts of
      transportation investment on land use, etc.

      As one of the firm's two primary GIS specialists, this position will be
      responsible for educating other planners on the capabilities of GIS
      software, developing analysis and mapping budgets for a variety of
      transportation-related studies, identifying staffing needs and tools
      required to accomplish analysis and mapping tasks, and co-managing the
      day-to-day workload of GIS-related projects. The GIS-Planning Specialist
      will also provide firm-wide technical expertise in GIS software and


      · Master's degree in urban planning, transportation
      engineering, or
      geography, and professional GIS work experience desired. Consideration
      also be given to candidates with a Bachelor's degree in these fields plus
      two years of GIS-based planning experience. Experience with
      GIS preferred but not required.
      · Cartographic training, or practical experience designing
      maps that are
      clear, informative, and easy to read. A portfolio of work is desirable.
      · Knowledge of and experience with ArcGIS 8x and relevant
      (Network Analyst, 3D Analyst, Publisher, etc.) and familiarity with GIS
      · Fluency with Adobe Illustrator and the conversion of GIS
      maps to Adobe
      Illustrator graphic files.
      · Proficiency in Microsoft Access and SPSS software.
      · Experience obtaining and importing data from a wide
      variety of sources (US
      Census data, client-supplied data, and original survey data collected by
      · Ability to develop and manage geospatial databases.
      · Experience exchanging digital data among different
      software and computer
      · Ability to evaluate staff needs and project requirements,
      and develop
      GIS-based solutions within budget and on time.
      · Ability to work on several projects concurrently.
      · Excellent oral and written communication skills.
      · Experience writing technical reports and presenting the
      results in a
      graphical format.
      · Ability to travel as needed (some travel may be needed,
      depending on
      project requirements).

      Starting salary is $45-55K depending on experience. Position offers
      competitive benefits in a downtown San Francisco location. For more
      information about Nelson\Nygaard, please visit our web site at

      Please fax resume and cover letter to (415) 284-1554, or e-mail Joey
      Goldman, Principal and include "GIS-Planning Specialist" in the subject
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