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Full Time Position (CA) - Full Circle Fund

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  • asha.weinstein@sjsu.edu
    ... Are You an Entrepreneurial Social Sector Leader? The Full Circle Fund is an alliance of emerging business leaders who address public problems through
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 17, 2004
      ----- Forwarded by Asha Weinstein/SJSU on 02/17/2004 06:05 PM -----

      Are You an Entrepreneurial Social Sector Leader?

      The Full Circle Fund is an alliance of emerging business leaders who
      public problems through engaged philanthropy and public policy advocacy,
      successfully engaging young professionals using a hands-on model for

      We are seeking a highly motivated, energetic leader committed both to
      working with Bay Area community leaders, as well as helping young
      professionals to giving back to their communities. Full Circle has
      demonstrated success engaging in public problem solving in our local
      communities by challenging and enabling emerging business leaders to take
      action through philanthropy and public policy.

      Full Circle has budgeted for a staff of three and 60+ volunteers; the
      organization manages $400,000 in donations annually. The role of the
      Executive Director is to lead Full Circle through its next phase of
      organizational growth. The person who fills this position will have a
      significant opportunity to define the future of this exciting

      About Full Circle Fund
      Over the past three years, Full Circle Fund has been built by emerging
      business leaders who were drawn to a comprehensive, results-oriented model
      for addressing community problems. In seeking to understand the root
      of social issues, we were forced to go beyond traditional approaches to
      philanthropy and work with leaders across sectors to create innovative
      solutions. Many people are too busy to think about philanthropy, let alone
      analyze root causes of social issues. Some have wanted to give back but
      not had a chance to do the necessary due diligence on organizations with
      which they might want to get involved. Still others have had little
      interaction with the organizations they do support. Finally, some lack
      knowledge about community issues and the strategies being employed to
      resolve the problem.

      Armed with an understanding of social issues, Full Circle Members partner
      with local organizations and pursue multiple strategies to solve public
      problems. Our innovative non-profit partners in the Bay Area and New York
      City receive funding and strategic support via a Members team whose skills
      reflect needs of the grantee organization. This model ensures that
      have both the financial and human capital they need to build successful

      Full Circle Fund is a 501c(3) tax-exempt organization. A local Board of
      Directors guides Full Circle's work. The board's expertise is supplemented
      by an Executive Advisory Board of experienced business professionals who
      advise and support Full Circle in achieving its vision.

      To become members, individuals must contribute between $5,000 and $25,000
      the Full Circle Fund, agree to participate in grantmaking, and commit to
      volunteering time to provide hands-on strategic support to grantees.
      Membership is selective and is determined through an application process.
      Full Circle desires Members who are entrepreneurial leaders in the
      government, and public benefit sectors. Most Members are in their
      late-twenties to early-forties; Mentor Members are mid-forties and up.

      Executive Director Job Description
      Location: The Presidio, San Francisco, CA
      > >?Establish Full Circle Fund as a "thought-leader" in the emerging
      of engaged grant making (venture philanthropy), and donor-managed
      > > Provide vision, leadership, motivation, inspiration and direction to
      Board, staff, members, volunteers and donors of the organization.
      > > Oversee strategic planning, and administration of programs, financial
      management and public accountability, and analysis of operating results
      against objectives.
      > > Serve as the lead fund raiser for Full Circle Fund, responsibilities
      include developing fund raising strategy, creating fund raising materials,
      and leading fund raising meetings and fund raising committee.
      > > Develop and maintain key partnerships with staff, board, members,
      community organizations, corporations, and government agencies while
      building the infrastructure of this 18-month old organization.
      > > Recruit and manage a world-class operating team for this innovative
      > > Develop a positive, productive and fun work environment.

      > >Requirements:
      > > Demonstrated entrepreneurial aptitude and skills, with a commitment to
      create positive social change
      > > Exceptional leadership: 10+ years management experience with at least
      years in a senior management role in a well-managed organization
      > > Significant fund raising experience: ability to raise $1M+ per year
      using a variety of methods (major donor cultivation, grant writing, event
      planning, etc.)
      > > Strong administrative skills: financial management of a nonprofit
      organization and ability to build and maintain company
      > > Involvement with a not-for-profit organization as a senior manager or
      a Board leadership role.
      > > Excellent communication and presentation skills
      > > Good knowledge of the Bay Area business, political and non-profit
      sectors with personal contacts in the leadership of those areas
      > > Masters degree preferred

      Salary: Commensurate with experience.
      Closing Date: Until filled.
      To Apply: Email resume and cover letter to Ruthanne Feinberg,

      Full Circle Fund is an equal opportunity employer.
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