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Student Papers - Edward McClure Award

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      2004 Student Award Announcement and
      Call for Nominations/Applications

      ACSP invites nominations and/or applications for awards recognizing
      superior scholarship and contributions
      to the discipline of urban and regional planning

      Edward McClure Award for the Best Master's Student Paper
      Deadline: 30 June 2004

      Recognizes superior scholarship in a paper prepared by a masters student
      in an ACSP-member school. Submissions may address any topic of
      investigation generated in the course of pursuing a master's degree in
      urban/city/community/town/regional planning. Master's theses, terminal
      professional reports and student group projects are not eligible.
      Submissions should have been prepared during academic year 2002-2003 or
      2003-2004. Nominations must come from the Program chairperson or the
      faculty advisor; students are urged to ask the appropriate faculty members
      to nominate their papers. This award carries a cash grant of $100. The
      winner is asked to present the paper at the 2004 ACSP Conference, where
      the award is presented.

      Submissions, not exceeding 45 pages of text including graphics, must be
      double (or 1.5) spaced with margins of 1" or greater and a font not less
      than 12 points. Four hard copies of each submission, plus a letter of
      nomination by a faculty member should be sent before 30 June 2004 to:
      Ruth Steiner, Dept. of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Florida,
      P.O. Box 115706, Gainesville, FL 32611, RSteiner@...

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