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FW: Internship - City of Oakland

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      City of Oakland
      2 5 0 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, Suite 5313
      Oakland CA 94612
      Community and Economic Development Agency (510) 238-3015
      Redevelopment Division FAX: (510) 238-3691

      January 2004

      The Community and Economic Development Agency (CEDA) currently has an
      opening for the position of Redevelopment Intern. This internship provides
      valuable opportunity to gain practical experience in redevelopment,
      including real estate development, urban planning, public improvements,
      economic development.

      The Redevelopment Division provides financial and technical assistance to
      developers working on new construction, substantial rehabilitation and
      economic development projects throughout the City's Redevelopment Areas.
      available internship position is in the roadway/ MacArthur/San Pablo
      Redevelopment Project Area which is in North Oakland. The primary task for
      this internship will be to assist with the administration of the newly
      established commercial
      fa├žade improvement program in the Broadway/MacArthur/San Pablo
      Project Area.

      Other tasks that the intern may be asked to assist with include: requests
      for proposals and/or qualifications for consultant services, preparation
      reports and resolutions for the City Council, contract administration,
      preparation of GISbased inventories and plans, graphic presentations of
      plans and marketing materials, research and report writing on
      redevelopment-related issues, and coordination with community

      Candidates should be able to demonstrate through a combination of work and
      educational experience, a familiarity with the principals of urban design,
      architectural features, and project budgets. Ability to work independently
      and strong project management skills are critical for this position.
      written and verbal communications skills and proficiency with Microsoft
      and Excel are essential. Experience with GIS, Adobe Illustrator, and
      Photoshop is desirable but not required.

      Rate of pay: $13-$15/hour depending on qualifications (The City does not
      offer fringe benefits for internship positions.) Internships are part time
      employees; interns may not work more than 1000 hours in any single fiscal
      year or calendar year. The ideal candidate for this position would be
      available to work part-time (20 to 30 hours per week) for a period of up
      one year.

      To apply, send a cover letter and resume describing your background to:
      Kathy Kleinbaum
      CEDA, Redevelopment Division
      250 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, Suite 5313
      Oakland, CA 94612
      Tel (510) 637-0247 Fax (510) 238-3691
      Applications will be accepted until position is filled.
      The City of Oakland is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action

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