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Call for Abstracts: Women's Transportation Issues

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  • Dayana Salazar
    Colleagues: I am pleased to announce that the Transportation Research Board of the National Research Council is sponsoring a Research Conference on Women s
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      I am pleased to announce that the Transportation Research Board of the National Research Council is sponsoring a Research Conference on Women's Transportation Issues to be held in Chicago in mid-November; the Conference Committee has recently issued a Call for Abstracts which are due March 1.

      I attach a Conference announcement and the Call for Abstracts.  Below I briefly summarize the Call.  I ask that you forward the Call to as many listservs and people as you think relevant.

      Please help us make this important conference a gigantic success.  As you can imagine, there are naysayers.



      Conference for Research on
      Women�s Transportation Issues

      November 18 - 20, 2004
      Chicago Marriott Hotel

      Organized by the Transportation Research Board
      National Research Council

      Sponsored in part by:

      The Federal Highway Administration
      The Federal Transit Administration
      The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
      The United Kingdom Department for Transport
      The Michigan Department of Transportation
      The Iowa Department of Transportation

      This Conference will review the state-of-the-art on a variety of topics related to women�s travel patterns, needs, and behavior.  The Conference is designed to identify the additional research and data needed to inform public and private policies that directly or indirectly address women�s mobility, security, and safety concerns.   The Conference will focus on data-driven comparative analyses of: 1) men and women�s travel patterns or safety or security risks currently or over time, 2) different sub-groups of women, and 3) women internationally. 

      Specific topics to be addressed at the Conference include:
      * Travel Patterns, Behaviors, Needs, and Preferences
      * Older Women�s Travel Patterns; Security and Safety Needs
      * Safety (crashes)
      * Security (crime)
      * Community Design as it Impacts Access and Mobility
      * Ergonomics and Injury Prevention
      * Travel Needs and Patterns of Under-Represented groups
      * Women�s Involvement in, and Impact on, Transportation Planning
      * Differential Impacts of Public Policies and Programs

      The Conference Committee has issued a detailed Call for Abstracts which may be viewed at the Conference website:


      Please read the requirements before submitting an abstract; please follow the rules.

      For additional information please contact Conference Committee Chair, Dr. Sandi Rosenbloom, rosenblo@..., (520) 623-0003.

      Dr. Sandi Rosenbloom
      Professor of Planning
      819 East First St.
      Tucson, AZ 85721
      Voice:    (520)623-0003 (Direct)
      Fax: (520)623-1705

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