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FW: "The City" Lecture Series: Lecture 1

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    ... MIKE DAVIS Spectres of Superurbanization: Marx and the Holy Ghost MONDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 5 pm 112 WURSTER As part of The City Lecture Series Sponsored by
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      "Spectres of Superurbanization: Marx and the Holy Ghost"

      MONDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 5 pm
      112 WURSTER

      As part of "The City" Lecture Series
      Sponsored by the Center for South Asia Studies
      Co-sponsored by the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, College of
      Environmental Design, Institute of International Studies, Institute of
      East Asian Studies,
      Center for Latin American Studies, Center for African Studies, and The
      Friesen Endowment for Urban Studies.
      For information on the entire lecture series go to: http://www.ias.berkeley.edu/southasia/city.pdf
      For questions contact Professor Ananya Roy, ananya@...

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