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Spring UC Berkeley Colloquium on Water in California

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      To: "California Colloquium on Water":;
      Subject: Spring California Colloquium on Water

      The Water Resources Center Archives presents

      California Colloquium on Water
      Spring 2004

      Receptions: 4:45-5:30pm at the Water Resources Center Archives, 410
      O'Brien Hall
      Lectures: 5:30-7pm in 105 North Gate Hall

      February 10
      "Frontiers of Hydrologic Research in the 21st Century"
      Ignacio Rodriguez-Iturbe
      Pitney Professor of Environmental Studies & Professor of Civil &
      Environmental Engineering
      Princeton University

      March 9
      "Rotten Foundations: The Reclamation Act & Urbanization of the West"
      Gray Brechin
      Research Fellow, Department of Geography
      UC Berkeley

      April 13
      "Desalination Issues in the United States"
      Kevin Price
      Manager, Water Treatment Engineering Research & Development Group
      U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

      May 11
      "The Evolution of California Water Policy"
      David Kennedy
      Former Director
      California Department of Water Resources

      For more information, contact the Water Resources Center Archives at (510)
      642-2666 or waterarc@..., or check out the web site: http://lib.berkeley.edu/WRCA/ccow.html
      PDF of spring brochure: http://lib.berkeley.edu/WRCA/pdfs/ccows04.pdf
      PDF of flyer for first lecture: http://lib.berkeley.edu/WRCA/pdfs/rodriguez_iturbe.pdf
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