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What can planners do?

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  • Dayana Salazar
    To: SJSU MUP Students and Alumni From: Dayana Salazar A week after the September 11th tragedy, a student in URBP 201 raised a poignant question: What are
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2001
      To:      SJSU MUP Students and Alumni
      From:  Dayana Salazar

      A week after the September 11th tragedy, a student in URBP 201 raised a poignant question:
      What are we doing here, learning about planning, when all these horrific events are happening out there in the world?

      His question may also be understood as: How can we, planners, respond to such events?
      There are many ways in which we can begin to address this question as individuals.

      In the meantime, the American Planning Association (APA) has begun a professional dialogue about the subject.

      Details below.

      Subject: Planning After September 11
           Date:      Fri, 28 Sep 2001 15:26:11 -0500
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      Dear APA Member:

      The American Planning Association and its professional institute, The
      American Institute of Certified Planners, expresses its sympathy to those
      affected by the horrific tragedies of September 11. To the victims, their
      families, and their friends, we offer our heartfelt thoughts and prayers. We
      are all strengthened by the many acts of heroism and kindness shown by
      caring people and by the continuing contributions so many are making in
      service to others.

      Our community of Planners has offered assistance to those who must now turn
      to the long process of recovery and reconstruction. Many of our members will
      be called upon for their personal contributions of talent and expertise
      through APA or through others' requests in the coming months. For members
      and friends, we will be offering a variety of opportunities for dialogue,
      information, and contributions. Visit <http://www.planning.org/abtapa/11sept01.htm>
      to share in APA's resources for Planning After September 11.
      Some of them are listed below.

      Please join us in the task of building community in America and throughout
      the world.

      Paul Farmer, AICP
      Executive Director

      -- Moderated Discussion --

      We invite our members and friends to join colleagues in a thoughtful and
      respectful discussion of the planning and public policy issues being debated
      in the aftermath of the recent tragedy.

      Click on <http://forums.siteforums.com/~apa> to register to participate in
      the online discussions. The forum is available 24 hours a day, and APA's
      moderators will participate daily. Enter at any time to post messages and
      read other planners' ideas and opinions. You need not be a member of APA to
      participate, but please address all postings to the topics at hand.

      We are pleased that several members of our community have agreed to lead and
      moderate our discussion:

      Edward Blakely,  Dean of the Robert J. Milano Graduate School of Management
      and Urban Policy, New School University in New York

      Amy Helling, AICP, Associate Professor of Public Administration and Urban
      Studies in the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at Georgia State

      David S. Sawicki, AICP, Professor of City and Regional Planning and Public
      Policy at Georgia Tech.

      Kenneth Topping, FAICP, an expert in planning for post-disaster recovery and
      reconstruction and the former planning director for Los Angeles.

      -- Planners Day on the Hill and Fall Leadership Meetings --

      These events will continue as scheduled, although our discussions will
      include the events of September 11 and the aftermath. APA has been assured
      by congressional offices that our members are very much encouraged to
      continue with our visits. Our message of building vital communities now and
      into the future should be consistent with short term priorities. And
      planners have a special expertise that will add value to the emerging
      national policy dialogue on so many issues of human settlement and other

      -- APA and AICP Resources --

      APA and AICP resources are available to community leaders, citizens, news
      media, and anyone who wants to know more about the role planning plays in
      responding to an emergency.

      * APA staff and members <http://www.planning.org/abtapa/11sept05.htm>

      * Publications <http://www.planning.org/abtapa/11sept03.htm>

      * Links to related websites <http://www.planning.org/abtapa/11sept02.htm>

      Questions?  Contact APA's website manager at websitefeedback@....
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