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Planning Internship with Crown Castle (wireless infrastructure developer)

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  • Dayana Salazar
    Planning Internships Available Crown Castle is shaping the wireless world of tomorrow, by delivering turn-key infrastructure and network services to premier
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 6, 2004

      Planning Internships Available


      Crown Castle is shaping the wireless world of tomorrow, by delivering turn-key infrastructure and network services to premier broadcasters and wireless telecommunications operators worldwide. Crown owns and operates over 15,000 towers in the US, UK, Australia and Europe.


      Crown, much like the rest of the communications industry, must respond quickly to customer and market demand, with accuracy and reliability.  This need for �speed to market� and the ability to accurately determine the status of a tower�s land use entitlements, is critical to Crown�s business model.  Collection and management of this information is therefore a crucial element to Crown�s success.


      As a direct supplier of vertical real estate, and the requisite services necessary to permit and construct infrastructure for wireless communications carriers, Crown manages a wide range of property and planning/land use challenges.  Crown is continually involved in the resolution of land use and planning/entitlement related conflicts and disputes at local and state levels throughout all phases of the land use application and entitlement processes.


      Crown Castle has an immediate need for planning interns, to assist the company�s National Manager of Zoning Compliance, in developing and populating database information to enable the company to better manage and protect its land use entitlements.  Interns would be expected to operate independently, with an aggressive and proactive attitude to gather relevant information and documents pertinent to the 1,600 towers and related entitlements in the Company�s Western Area (CA, WA, HI,TX, NM, AZ, NV).  This information would be compiled into a report and spreadsheet, for presentation to the Western Area VP of Assets.


      Research activities would include, among other things, securing the following information:


      • Determination of accurate site location (current address and APN),
      • Determination of status of existing Land Use Entitlement and expiration if any,
      • Collection of documentation related to all Land Use decisions on the site on public file,
      • Collection of accurate contact information for the jurisdiction's planning and building departments,
      • Determination of basic requirements (processes, submittals and timelines) necessary to modify the land use (both major and minor modifications, for both planning and building departments),
      • Determination and collection of specific zoning issues related to the specific site -- consistency with General Plan and existing zoning ordinance, Nonconformities where indicated, and documentation of nonconforming protections in current ordinances,
      • Documentation of General Plan Land Use Designations and Zoning Districts, and consistency with same.


      Crown may also request that the data be evaluated and some comparisons made which would yield valuable information related to:


      • Prioritizing levels of zoning difficulty and expense in various localities/jurisdictions
      • Compilation of land use control regulations by locality/jurisdiction for future reference
      • Evaluation of recent changes and trends in the revision of local land use controls


      Crown is anxious to engage urban & regional planning students, and feels that the above research would help them become familiar with a variety of important land use concepts and their related effects on projects and the built environment.  The development of the nation�s wireless communications infrastructure has presented a wide and unique range of challenges to those responsible for the regulation of local land uses.  Experiencing part of that environment, and becoming familiar with it�s concepts and their constructed results will yield the student an invaluable understanding of various control strategies and their outcomes.  Additionally, through contact with a variety of planning and development departments across the western US, the students will obtain valuable experience in interfacing with local government offices and agencies to obtain critical land use information.


      It is anticipated that students would use a range of research tools to secure appropriate information -- from phone calls, to faxed/emailed survey forms, to online research -- and would utilize basic research and evaluation methodology to develop information and comparisons as indicated above.  Students would be in frequent contact with the National Manager of Zoning Compliance, with periodic meetings at the Pleasanton District Office, to report progress, facilitate coordination, and access corporate resources.


      Students would produce a set of data as outlined and prescribed by the National Manager, and would also create a report with substantiating analysis, based upon that data.  The student and National Manager will work together to develop the scope and contents of the report.


      It is recommended that the student develop faculty support in the form of an advisor for this effort.


      Interested, qualified planning students should visit Crown Castle�s website --  www.crowncastle.com to find out more about the company, and contact:


      Robert E. Smith

      National Zoning Compliance Manager




      For additional information related to this opportunity.

      Dayana Salazar, Interim Chair
      Urban and Regional Planning Department
      San Jose State University
      (408) 924-5854

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