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Full Time Position - San Francisco

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  • asha.weinstein@sjsu.edu
    ... POSITION: Assistant Project Manager/Office Administrator REPORTS TO: President, A.F. Evans
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      ----- Forwarded by Asha Weinstein/SJSU on 12/15/2003 12:14 PM -----

      POSITION: Assistant Project Manager/Office

      REPORTS TO: President, A.F. Evans
      Development, Inc.

      Summary of Position:

      Position requires a combination of tasks focused on assisting development
      project managers while overseeing the administrative functions of the
      Development office. The position seeks a candidate with both an interest
      learning and applying real estate development skills and providing office
      administrative support to Development staff. The position is designed to
      provide the employee with the opportunity to gain training and experience
      allow them to move to a full-time project management position. The
      will report to the President.

      Duties & Responsibilities:

      Ø Assist in the review of sites for potential housing
      development including
      coordinating due diligence activities of architects, contractors, etc.

      Ø Prepare applications for funding

      Ø Perform administrative tasks associated with project

      Ø Coordinate work of development team members as directed

      Ø Prepare construction draws

      Ø Deal with privileged legal and financial matters of the

      Ø Assist Development staff in preparing PowerPoint
      presentations, assembling
      corporate brochures, and related documents

      Ø Perform administrative and occasional secretarial duties
      such as filing,
      answering telephones, word-processing, mailing, faxing, appointment
      scheduling, etc.

      Ø Maintain functioning office equipment and adequate office

      Desired Qualifications

      Ø Bachelor's degree desired, but not necessary, in
      economics, planning or
      related field and/or a minimum of one year demonstrated experience in
      related housing development work.

      Ø Demonstrated ability to communicate verbally and in

      Ø Computer literate

      Ø Demonstrated analytical, planning and organizing skills.

      Ø Ability to work effectively as a team player.

      To Apply:

      Please send résumé to Jack Robertson by e-mail at jrobertson@...
      fax to 415-393-5251.

      For more information on the firm, go to: www.afevans.com
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