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EcoCity Class Series offered

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  • irvin dawid
    The Ecocity Sessions A six-week course in ecocity thinking, theory, design and mapping. Taught by Richard Register, President, Ecocity Builders January 22 -
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 9, 2003
      The Ecocity Sessions
      A six-week course in ecocity thinking, theory, design and mapping.

      Taught by Richard Register, President, Ecocity Builders
      January 22 - February 26
      Thursday evenings, 6:00pm to 8:00pm
      At the Julia Morgan designed YWCA of Oakland,
      1515 Webster Street (2 blocks from 19th Street BART).

      Basic ecocity theory will be presented, as well as an overview of the city
      in evolution, the city in nature, the city in history and the city today.
      will focus on an ecocity toolbox of reshaping methods and strategy
      guidelines for activism. Come prepared to listen, think, ask questions and
      get to work drawing, mapping and testing out your new ideas!

      Week One: Evolution, biological analogy and whole systems vision for
      built habitat.
      Week Two: Parameters of the disaster�effects of the anti-ecological city
      localities and the whole world, nature of the car/sprawl/highway/oil
      infrastructure contrasted with the pedestrian city.
      Week Three: Great examples from around the world.
      Week Four: More great examples, emphasis shifting to the local.
      Week Five: Tools to fit the task, including mapping workshops, TDRs,
      car-free housing.
      Week Six: Where do we go from here? Using the tools, changing ourselves
      the world we live in.

      Prerequisites: You need to read Ecocities, Richard�s 2002 book, and be
      finished by at least the 3rd week of class.
      Cost: $150 Check made out and sent to Ecocity Builders, 1678 Shattuck
      #66, Berkeley, CA 94709.
      Class size limit: 30 people.
      For more information, call 510-419-0850 or email

      Richard Register
      Richard Register has over thirty years experience in ecological city
      and design. In fact, it was Register who invented the term �ecocity� in
      1978. His Ecocity Berkeley, Building Cities for a Healthy Future, has been
      classic in eco-urban circles since it was first published in 1987. He is
      also the author of three other books, including Village Wisdom, Future
      Cities and Ecocities, Building Cities in Balance with Nature.
      Register founded the International Ecocity Conference Series in
      in 1990, and has since co-organized four more: Adelaide, Australia in
      Yoff, Senegal in 1996; Curitiba, Brazil in 2000; and Shenzhen, China, in
      2002. This international series brings together the best innovators,
      educators, administrators and activists in the field.

      Ecocity Builders
      Ecocity Builders is currently completing projects for Mills College in
      Oakland and for the CA State Coastal Conservancy. They are also consulting
      with ecocity developers in China, and are getting ready to launch the
      International Ecocity Conference: Cities and Global Warming, for 2005,
      likely somewhere in view of the melting Alps in Europe. Visit their
      www.ecocitybuilders.org for more information.

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