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Interested in bicycling? A newsletter

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  • asha.weinstein@sjsu.edu
    Those of you interested in biking might want to consider signing up for this newsletter (instructions are at the bottom). Asha Weinstein Assistant Professor
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2003
      Those of you interested in biking might want to consider signing up for
      this newsletter (instructions are at the bottom).

      Asha Weinstein
      Assistant Professor
      Department of Urban and Regional Planning
      San José State University
      One Washington Square
      San Jose, CA 95192-0185
      email: asha.weinstein@...
      phone: 408-924-5853
      ----- Forwarded by Asha Weinstein/SJSU on 12/02/2003 04:32 PM -----

      The CalBike Report: Bike Culture and Politics in the Golden State
      A Publication of the California Bicycle Coalition (CBC)
      Volume 2, Issue 10
      December 2, 2003
      California Highway Patrol Blocking Bill Clarifying Cyclists' Roadway
      CHP refuses to budge on vehicle code bill

      Does the state's lead law enforcement agency fairly establish and enforce
      state laws pertaining to bicycling? Read http://www.calbike.org/chp1408.htm and decide for yourself.

      You may contact the CHP public affairs office by e-mailing
      publicaffairs@... . In your message, you should firmly but
      politely remind them that bicyclists are legitimate, vulnerable roadway
      users who deserve to have laws that clearly and fairly spell out their
      rights and responsibilities. The CHP should work with Assemblymember
      Wolk's office to pass Assembly Bill 1408.
      "Is Davis' top-rated bike culture starting to backpedal?"
      By Beth Curda, Davis Enterprise staff writer

      Demographic changes resulting from Davis' popularity as a bedroom
      community threaten the city's status as a model American bicycling city.

      Complete story at:

      Safe Routes to School Projects Announced

      The California Department of Transportation has released the latest Safe
      Routes to School grant recipients. The program supports infrastructure
      projects to improve pedestrian and bicyclist access to schools. See the
      entire list by scrolling down to "Safe Routes to School" at www.dot.ca.gov/hq/LocalPrograms/ . Applications for the next round of Safe Routes to School funding are
      due to Caltrans' district offices on February 27, 2004.

      This program will expire unless state legislation extending it is passed
      by the legislature and signed by the governor during 2004. CBC is working
      with the Surface Transportation Policy Project and Senator Nell Soto to
      advance that legislation. Learn more at http://www.transact.org/ca/children.htm
      Mountain Biking Updates

      Sacramento riders seek access to city's trails: http://www.sacbee.com/content/lifestyle/story/7823704p-8764398c.html

      To showcase another collection of trails that could be lost to federal
      legislation, the International Mountain Bicycling Association is hosting
      one of its Wild Rides at Feather Falls on December 6: http://www.imba.com/news/news_releases/11_03/11_04_wild_ride.html
      Do Motorists Get Away With Murder?
      (The latest in an unfortunately ongoing series)

      Blaming Children for Child Pedestrian Injuries
      This 1994 study questioned society's willingness to tolerate death-by-auto
      as a price of doing business.
      Bike Census Database

      http://www.bikesatwork.com/carfree/carfree-census-database.html has all sorts of statistics on bicycle commuting rates in US cities.
      Rail-Trail Study Comes to Los Angeles

      Caltrans is conducting a statewide study of railroad corridors that could
      be converted to trails. Learn more at the meeting of the study's advisory
      committee Thursday, December 4, from 1:30-3:30 pm, Ronald Reagan Building
      Auditorium 300 South Spring Street, Los Angeles. Your input is valued.
      Learn more at http://cal-rail-row.info/
      SF Mayor Race Update

      Matt Gonzalez, a frugal, bike-riding Green, is on the verge of becoming
      mayor of San Francisco:

      -- stretch run analysis by SF Chronicle

      -- wooing a key endorsement? a comical perspective

      -- San Francisco Bicycle Coalition info on Gonzalez campaign

      -- a look at the candidates' fundraising and related posturing
      The CalBike Report is a publication of the California Bicycle Coalition
      and is made possible by the support of CBC members and the Physical
      Activity and Health Initiative of the California Department of Health
      Services. Contributions to CBC are welcome and urgently needed-- join at http://www.calbike.org/join.asp. Send requests, comments and submissions to cbc@..., or call
      916.446.7558 for more info.
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