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Full Time Position - CA - Economic Development

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      Subject: Full Time Position - CA

      NOVEMBER 21, 2003

      The Organization: Mission Economic Development Association (MEDA) is a
      community-based economic development agency that has facilitated the
      accumulation of community assets. For most of this time, it has done so
      primarily by helping small businesses access capital. Over the past
      years, we have strengthened and expanded our business technical assistance
      and incorporated a broader community perspective into our work. Each of
      programs' is aimed at enhancing the long-term sustainability of the
      class residents and small local-serving businesses in the Mission
      Our work with small businesses includes direct technical assistance,
      provision of public services in the neighborhood, policy and advocacy. Our
      main engagement with area residents is through our financial literacy
      program. MEDA's work engages individuals and small business in
      community-building strategies that together lead to appropriate and
      equitable economic development in the neighborhood.

      The Position: The Business Coordinator will be responsible for providing
      strategic vision and leadership to shape the ongoing development of the
      Mission Corridor Project. MEDA's primary objective with the Mission
      Corridor Project is to build a community of merchants that is organized to
      address shared issues collectively, and at the same time strengthen the
      relationship between merchants, their immediate physical environment and
      salient issues in the neighborhood. The Business Coordinator will serve
      the lead point of contact for issues related to the neighborhood physical
      improvement, organizing and advocacy efforts along the Mission Street
      commercial corridor. Duties for this position include, but are not
      to, the following:

      1. Primary Functions
      Coordination and Program Development:
      * Working with merchants and MEDA staff to develop programming and funding
      proposals (i.e. fa├žade improvement programs, adopt-a-block, etc.) and
      prepare funding related reports and updates.
      * Serving as a liaison between MEDA and the business community.
      * Encouraging a cooperative climate between businesses, neighbors,
      neighborhood institutions, city departments and local public officials.
      * Conducting and supervising outreach and organizing efforts among
      along the Corridor.
      * Directing efforts at business retention, expansion, and recruitment,
      including providing information, expertise and appropriate referrals to
      business owners. Working with businesses to identify business recruitment
      strategy that will support and enhance existing business mix and services
      available to local residents.

      * Meeting and educating merchants and representatives from city
      about street maintenance, design and other public sector issues
      * Representing projects and overall organization in community, public, and
      funding related meetings.
      * Serving in an advocacy and mediating capacity for merchants and
      facing among other issues, displacement from new developments.

      * Attending business and community meetings as necessary, working with
      Business Assistance staff to establish marketing and other small business
      related seminars and enrichment programs.
      * Assist in designing a business and economic development strategy that
      incorporates overall needs of the business community including both market
      and consumer needs.
      * Encouraging and building the businesses in the district's ability to
      undertake joint activities such as promotional events, advertising,
      store hours, special events, business recruitment, parking management,
      other activities.

      2. Secondary Functions
      * Maintain neighborhood business inventory database.
      * General office administrative duties including replying to general
      inquiries, appropriate referrals, mailings of materials, and being aware
      the supplies inventory.
      * Working with MEDA's Office Manager to ensure supplies are ordered on a
      timely manner.
      * Tracking own working hours.
      * Some physical demands may apply, such as maintaining office cleanliness
      and moving of office furniture. However, reasonable accommodations will
      made on a case-by-case basis.
      3. Supervisory Responsibilities
      * This position has no staff supervisory responsibilities.

      * Bachelor degree in business, marketing, community development or a
      field preferred. Business experience in marketing, public relations or in
      entrepreneurial ventures will be accepted in lieu of a degree.
      * Experience in commercial improvement efforts REQUIRED.
      * Demonstrated commitment to community building and community development.
      * Interpersonal skills necessary to effectively interact with diverse
      populations and to organize and motivate volunteers from the business
      * Bilingual in Spanish/English OR Chinese (Mandarin)/English is REQUIRED.
      * Creative problem solving and critical thinking skills.
      * High level of attention to detail.
      * Intellectual awareness and genuine appreciation of challenges related to
      running a successful business.
      * Excellent verbal, communication and writing skills.
      * Ability to work independently and as a team member.
      * Computer skills a must.

      This position is a Full-Time position, with competitive pay and full
      benefits. Send resume and cover letter to: HR@... or fax to:

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