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MTC Job Announcement: GIS Technician

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  • Dayana Salazar
    Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC)JOB ANNOUNCEMENT POSITION: GIS TECHNICIAN (Temporary position estimated to take 3 months +/- of
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 17, 2003

      Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC)




      POSITION:                 GIS TECHNICIAN

      (Temporary position estimated to take 3 months +/- of full-time work)


      VACANCIES:            One (possibly Two)*


      *MTC may consider hiring two people on a part-time basis for this time period to complete the work as a tag-team effort.  On your cover letter, indicate the dates you are available and the amount of time you can commit to on a weekly basis.



      HOURLY RATE:        $15 TO $17 per hour (Depending upon qualifications)


      DESCRIPTION:         Under supervision, assist MTC in creating a seamless digital map layer of all bike paths, lanes and routes in the 9 county Bay Area for use in an Online Bicycle Map and Trip Planning Resource. The GIS Technician will contact staff from Bay Area Cities and Counties to request their bike data and use these data to compile a seamless bike route layer on top of MTC�s GIS basemap (GDT).  The GIS Technician may perform other data compilation tasks for the project, such as assigning slope attributes to the bike route data.




      QUALIFICATIONS:   Education:  Completion of a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in an appropriate discipline, with GIS coursework or a concentration in GIS.  Appropriate disciplines include urban planning, geography, landscape architecture, computer science, information systems, engineering or a related field.  The lack of GIS coursework can be offset by equivalent GIS training outside of school, such as training from a GIS vendor.


                                          Experience: Use of ESRI ArcGIS version 8.x software in a Windows environment to create and edit shape file data layers.  Experience re-projecting shape file data between various datums/coordinate systems.


      Knowledge of:  Principles and practices of GIS. Working knowledge of Microsoft Word & Excel, Windows-based computer hardware and large-format plotters.




      Ability to:  Apply interpersonal skills to work effectively with MTC staff, local agencies, consultants and others.  Organize own work, set priorities, meet deadlines and carry assignments through to on-time completion with minimum supervision. Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing with proper English, spelling and grammar.




      QUALIFICATIONS:   Experience:  Knowledge of and experience with one or more of the following:

              Elevation datasets (DEMs, DTMs)

              Raster-to-vector data conversion

              Image registration (i.e. geo-referencing an image to real world coordinates)

              Integration of CAD data within ArcGIS software

              Adobe Illustrator software




      ASSIGNMENTS:       Under the supervision and direction of MTC staff, the GIS Technician will:


              Contact Bay Cities and Counties to request bike route data.

              Re-project miscellaneous data into a common datum/coordinate system.

              Create ArcView shape files by integrating GIS, CAD and potentially Adobe Illustrator files and use editing tools in ArcGIS version 8.x software.

              Investigate and implement techniques for attaching slope attributes to bike route data.

              Develop GIS maps

              Work directly with other MTC staff, partnership agency staff, and contractors to foster an effective team



      TO APPLICANTS:    To receive an announcement and application form, contact MTC at the Job Hotline, (510) 464-7818, or email jobhotline@....  Leave your contact information and indicate which job announcement you are interested in.  Announcements and applications can also be downloaded from MTC�s website, www.mtc.ca.gov.   Applications not submitted on MTC forms or not including all required materials will not be considered.


      Submit an MTC Application, and current resume to:  Human Resources Office, Metropolitan Transportation Commission, 101 Eighth Street, Oakland, CA 94607.  This announcement remains open until 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, December 10, 2003..  Faxed/emailed applications will NOT be accepted.


      Interviews are likely to occur on December 15.  Applicants are requested to keep this date available.  The target start date for the position is immediately after the selection of a candidate.


      In your cover letter, indicate the dates you are available and the amount of time you can commit to on a weekly basis.





      Transit/Parking subsidy

      Direct deposit

      MTC contributes towards employee�s social security benefit





      The Metropolitan Transportation Commission is a non-discriminatory employer.  MTC provides all employees and applicants with an equal opportunity in every aspect of the employment experience regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, physical handicap, medical condition, or marital status.  This policy is implemented through an ongoing affirmative action program to ensure maximum opportunity to participate in the Commission's programs.


      The Metropolitan Transportation Commission is a regional transportation-planning agency created by the legislature pursuant to Government Code Sections 66500 et seq. to provide coordinated transportation development for the nine-county Bay Area.


      Dayana Salazar, Interim Chair
      Urban and Regional Planning Department
      San Jose State University
      (408) 924-5854

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