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Full Time Position - Oakland

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      Subject: Full Time Position (CA)

      East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy
      548 20th Street, Oakland, CA 94612 ( Tel: (510) 893-7106, Fax (510)

      Community Organizer
      Job Announcement

      The East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy (EBASE) is at the
      of the economic justice movement in the East Bay. We build coalitions of
      labor unions, community and faith-based organizations to win strategic
      policies that increase incomes for low-wage workers and empower residents
      of low-income communities. EBASE has led winning campaigns for economic
      equity policies at the Port of Oakland and several East Bay cities.

      We are seeking an outstanding organizer for our growing "Accountable
      Development" program. The goals of the program are to hold developers and

      local governments accountable for providing good jobs and community
      benefits in new developments. The Community Organizer will be responsible

      for organizing community participation in intervening with developers and
      city government to create community benefits packages which can include
      living wage jobs with health benefits, training, first source hiring, card

      check/neutrality agreements, affordable housing and neighborhood services
      such as child care. The organizer will also bring together community
      support for policies to ensure that future development benefits residents
      and low-wage workers.

      * Organize community support for Accountable Development campaign
      * Organize and facilitate community meetings
      * Conduct door-to-door outreach in impacted communities
      * Identify, recruit, and develop leaders
      * Attend EBASE actions and support the organization as a whole
      * Perform administrative tasks necessary to the organizing work such as
      maintaining a database of contacts

      Experience and Abilities Needed:
      * Demonstrated organizing skills, building unity and motivating others to
      take action, preferably in a campaign environment
      * Commitment to economic and social justice. Experience with organized
      labor is highly desirable.
      * Accountability to goals
      * Willingness to work long hours and weekends
      * Experience working with diverse constituencies
      * Ability to work independently within the context of an overall plan and
      * Willingness to learn and work within EBASE's organizing model.

      Competitive salary, dependent on experience. Excellent benefits package
      including employer-paid health insurance, paid time off and pension. Women

      and people of color are especially encouraged to apply. Applicants not
      meeting minimum requirements will not receive a response.

      Send cover letter and resume to EBASE, Community Organizer Search, 1714
      Franklin Street, Suite 325, Oakland, CA, 94612, or email

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