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Will Nanotech Re-Seed Portland's Silicon Forest?, WEBCAST Live 1125

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      Subject: Will Nanotech Re-Seed Portland's Silicon Forest?, Webcast Live 1125

      Please forward to your listserve(s) with my apologies for any cross
      John Provo

      Free event sponsored by the New Economy Observatory at the Institute of
      Portland Metropolitan Studies
      School of Urban Studies and Planning, Portland State University

      Please join us for:
      "Sustainable Strategies for High Technology in Portland: Will Nanotech
      Re-Seed the Silicon Forest?"
      Tuesday, November 25, 12-2 pm, pst (3-5, est)
      Heike Mayer, Assistant Professor of Urban Affiars and Planning, Virginia
      Polytechnic Institute and State University
      David Chen, Partner, OVP Venture Partners, Seattle, Washington and
      Portland, Oregon
      David Johnson, Professor of Solid State and Inorganic Chemistry,
      Electrochemistry, and Materials Science, Univeristy of Oregon

      This event will be held at PSU's Urban Center, 506 SW Mill Portland,
      Distance Learning Wing Room 204 (Campus map at: http://www.pdx.edu/campus/), and will also be broadcast live on the web at http://www.media.pdx.edu (click on Distance Learning Center Stream #1 or #2). On-line viewers may
      participate in real time, submitting questions via email to imsforum@... Please note that attendance for this event is expected to be high.
      Seating is limited and available only on a first come first serve basis.

      Dr. Heike (pronounced Hi-ka) Mayer (http://www.uap.vt.edu/faculty/mayer/index.htm) is an alumna of Portland State University's Urban Studies Ph.D. program.
      After finishing her dissertation on the evolution of the Silicon Forest,
      she joined the Department of Urban Affairs and Planning at Virginia
      Polytechnic Institute and State University in August 2003. Her research
      interests focus on economic and community development. In particular, she
      examines the evolution of knowledge-based industries and the role
      universities play in economic development. She is currently studying the
      economic development and commercialization models of nanotechnology
      initiatives around the nation and she is examining emerging technology
      sectors in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. Her research on high
      technology and biotechnology regions has been published by The Brookings
      Institution. Her recent paper on the role of univeristies in economic
      development can be found at http://www.upa.pdx.edu/IMS/about/eventpdfs/meyernanotech.pdf

      Dave Chen (http://www.ovp.com/chen.html) brings more than 20 years of operating experience in the software and
      communications markets. He began his career in 1979 as one of the early
      team members at Solectron, a $16 billion market leader in electronics
      manufacturing. He went on to join McKinsey & Co. Technology Practice in
      Chicago, and later ran marketing at Mentor Graphics. Dave was also
      founder and managing partner of The Ascent Group: a strategy consult
      serving firms like Intel, Microsoft, Sun, Bell Atlantic,and Fujitsu.
      During his tenure as an OVP partner, he servedon the board of @mobile
      prior to its acquisition by software.com. He served until 2002 on the
      board of HNC Software (NASDAQ:HNCS, now NYSE:FIC). Dave has a BA in
      Biology from the University of California, Berkeley; and a Master's in
      Management from the Kellogg School at Northwestern University.

      David Johnson (http://chemistry.uoregon.edu/johnson.html) is a member of the Material Science Institute at the Univeristy of
      Oregon. The Materials Science Institute is an interdisciplinary institute
      founded in 1985 as a State Center of Excellence. The purpose of the
      Institute is to study the structure and properties of materials, to
      educate in the sciences of materials, and to serve Oregon as a resource in
      these sciences. Since its founding the Institute has more than tripled the
      size of its research program, developed four new graduate programs in
      materials, and contributed to the State's prosperity through collaboration
      with more than 25 Oregon companies. Dr. Johnson has taught at the
      university since 1986 after recieving a B.A..from Rutgers University in 1978 and completing a Ph.D. and
      Postdoctoral work at Cornell University in 1984. His reserach interests are in novel approaches to solid state synthesis of new
      materials and are supported by the National Science Foundation, the Office of Naval
      Reserach, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

      The Forum on Sustainability and the Economy is a monthly discussion series
      about issues related to livability and economic development in the
      Portland-Vancouver metropolitan region. In this case, we are using the
      term livability broadly but specifically to bring issues of environmental
      quality, social justice, and evolving urbanity specifically into
      conjunction with economic prosperity. We seek to bring together community
      members, faculty, and students to critically reflect on the interplay
      between sustainability and the economy. Our objective is to seek greater
      public understanding and discussion of sustainability as a foundation for
      rather than merely a byproduct of sound economic growth.

      More information on the series or to view a video archive of previous
      Forums please visit our website at http://www.upa.pdx.edu/IMS/about/events.html
      John Provo
      Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies
      Post Office Box 751
      Portland, Oregon 97207-0751
      (503)725-5170 Phone
      (503)725-5199 Fax
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