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      Subject: Fwd: Pricing and Systems Analysis Job Opening

      >FHWA's Office of Transportation Policy Studies is looking for a
      >full-time candidate to formulate and conduct studies to support the
      >development of transportation policy and legislative initiatives, such
      >as road pricing. As part of the Highway Pricing & Systems Analysis
      >Team, you will contribute to FHWA's Vital Few goals, particularly
      >reducing growth in congested travel. You will assist in developing and
      >implementing Value Pricing Pilot Program projects that address
      >congestion mitigation; create effective local partnerships to integrate
      >value pricing into planning and project development; evaluate the
      >potential of road pricing; and increase understanding, consideration and
      >support of value pricing. To view the announcement and questions, click
      >on the link below and type in the announcement number HPL.MPP-2004-0001
      >for current Federal employees and HPL.DEU-2004-0001 for those applicants
      >that are not Federal employees: <
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