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Full Time Senior Position (NYC)

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      Subject: Full Time Senior Position (NYC)

      Senior Vice President Urban Development
      Urban Development Corporation

      Major seeks Senior Executive to provide leadership and coordination of
      major urban development initiatives primarily focused on strengthening
      central business districts and increasing public access to the waterfront.

      Responsible for overseeing team-oriented approach to developing
      and implementing plans for large-scale and complex projects involving
      multiple stakeholders.

      Responsibilities include overseeing departmental and project specific
      staff, coordinating task forces with governmental and private
      and building and maintaining relationships with business associations,

      civic organizations and advocacy groups.

      Position requires Master's Degree in real estate development, urban
      planning, law, public administration, or finance plus 8+ years as a
      senior private or public sector professional. Should demonstrate
      experience listed above plus experience with master planning multi-phase
      and multi-use projects. Must have strong entrepreneurial and leadership
      abilities as well as superior interpersonal communication and public
      speaking skills.

      Excellent benefits package. Please submit a resume and letter of
      applications referencing Job Code SVPUD to: Peck Slip Station, P.O. Box
      1018, New York, NY 10272-1018; Fax: 212-312-3907 or
      E-mail: jobs@...

      Women & minorities are encouraged to apply. EOE.
      NYC residence required.

      Email: jobs@...
      Fax: 212-312-3907
      Org.: Urban Development Corporation
      Peck Slip Station, P.O. Box 1018
      New York, NY 10272-1018
      United States

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