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Job Openings (CA)

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      Kaye Bock <kbock@...>
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      10/11/2003 04:25 PM

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      Subject: Job Openings (CA)

      Assistant/Associate Planner, Placer County
      Environmental Planner/Project Manager, Sequence Systems (multiple
      positions), Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles and/or San Diego
      Associate Planner, City of Oxnard
      Planner, Schmitz and Associates, Inc., Malibu
      Senior Planner/Military Base Reuse, RBF Consulting, San Jose
      Senior Planner, San Mateo County Transit District, San Carlos
      Urban Designer, RRM Design Group, San Juan Capistrano
      Graduate Student Intern, MuniFinancial, Oakland

      Planning Professionals, Pacific Mutual Consultants, Various locations in
      Planning Intern, T & B Planning Consultants, Tustin

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