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Full Time Position - SF

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      Subject: Full Time Position (CA)

      Senior Level Consultant
      Job Announcement for Seifel Consulting
      San Francisco, CA 94109
      October 2003

      Seifel Consulting is seeking a full-time Senior Level Consultant who has
      expertise in urban planning, redevelopment, economic/financial analysis
      project management to:
      · Serve as the Project Manager for multiple consulting
      preparing technical analyses/reports;
      · Manage staff, subcontractors and consulting project
      budgets / schedules;
      · Actively market the firm's services and participate in
      the firm's
      business management team.

      In addition to having the above experience and ability, the ideal
      is a motivated team player with a good sense of humor who thrives on
      diversity in assignments and intellectual challenge.

      Essential Skills, Expertise and Qualities:
      · Experience and understanding in redevelopment, affordable
      planning, and real estate.
      · Solid understanding of financial concepts, principles and
      including complex spreadsheet model building and cash flow analysis.
      · Ability to perform complex planning and economic analyses
      and present
      results in a down to earth manner in written reports and public
      · Excellent writing skills, including preparing
      comprehensive reports and
      · Experience working with the public sector and
      communicating effectively
      with a variety of federal, state and local government officials, private
      firms and community organizations, as well as professional colleagues.
      · Skilled in cultivating and enhancing excellent client
      · Experience in project management: managing consulting
      contracts, staff,
      schedules and budgets.
      · Experience supervising 2 to 4 employees on a project
      · Experience in marketing, business development, and
      · Excellent computer skills, including proficiency in Excel
      and Word.
      (Knowledge of database programs, graphics software, and GIS is desirable.)
      · At least 5 years work experience in urban planning,
      community development and/or economic/financial analysis
      · Graduate degree in real estate, economics, business,
      urban planning or
      public policy preferred.
      · Experience in California's political and economic
      environment preferred.

      Send Resume and Cover Letter via Fax or E-mail:
      Subject: Senior Level Consultant Position
      E-mail: jobs@...
      Fax: 415-931-9602

      Salary determined by experience and ability. Competitive Benefits. Please
      submit a cover letter, resume, salary requirement and a 10 page relevant
      work sample.

      We are an equal opportunity employer. We treat our employees with respect
      and encourage them to grow in their abilities and responsibilities.
      Minority and women candidates are encouraged to apply.

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